Soul Contracts with Your Children


Today, we are talking about soul contracts that you might have with your children.

And this is related to a basic teaching in Feng Shui, that when you came to life, you came with life missions, not one life mission but life missions, and your life missions are the things that you wanted to do for yourself, the things that you wanted to learn experience, and just enjoy in this lifetime for yourself, and the things that you were asked to do for others, right. And so this could be been somebody’s daughter, sister, mother, wife, spouse, partner, or teacher.

Activating and Deactivating Life Missions

Throughout your life, at different stages of your life, you’re going to see that some life missions get activated, and others get deactivated or temporarily suspended or paused. And this is one thing that happens when you have children. So when you have kids, whatever your personal, desires, goals, purposes and life missions, they get put in the back burner, because the kids become the priority. Their wellness, their wellbeing is paramount. And so you devote most of your energy, your care, your attention, all of you goes to keeping those kids alive and well. That is if you’re a healthy person, that is the natural thing that a parent wants to do is protect their children and raise them to be good people, to be happy to be healthy, right?

So there’s a concept of soul contracts, right? That is associated with life missions. And so contracts are the specific things that you have agreed to do for others, the spiritual contracts that you have with the people closest to you. And so that would include your children. You have a soul contract with your children.

My Contracts with My Kids

The first time I learned about soul contracts, was when somebody told me, a healer told me that I had soul contracts with my kids to spend a lot of time with them. And so that was my introduction to the concept of soul contracts with your kids, right. And the reason that this conversation had happened was that my kids were probably four and one at a time. And I had just moved to Tennessee, from Iowa, where I had a thriving Feng Shui business. And I was teaching and so I had moved to Tennessee and I wanted to reactivate my business. I had to start from zero, of course. And so I started contacting people and teaching classes and doing a lot of lectures. But at some point, anything that I tried, just didn’t pan out. I tried to do all sorts of things. You know, the same things that I had done in Mississippi, the same things that I have done in Iowa while I lived there. And they have been really successful in getting me clients and getting me consultations and students. But once I had kids, things changed.

Managing Kids and Business

And things didn’t pan out. Whenever I was trying to do something that would take me away from the children so that’s when my friend Bill Austin, he’s a healer, told me that I had soul contracts to spend a lot of time with my kids and I sure did spend a lot of time with them. And I still do spend a lot of time with them.

I had never imagined that I would be homeschooling, for example. And then at some point I had put myself – I kind of painted myself into a corner by the neighborhood that we chose, by the home that we chose. And so it turned out the time came to send my older son to school, I totally did not like the elementary school was were zoned for in the public school system, right.

And at the time, I was thinking, okay, maybe I should get a job, a full time job, and just send him to private school. But then I also had a younger one. And so he would have to go to childcare. And then I thought, Why would I go do something I don’t want to do, which is get a full time job in order to pay somebody else to do something I love to do, because I love to teach. And so then I decided, Okay, we’re gonna home school them. We homeschooled them for many years, I think we’ve homeschooled for 10 years, right. And so in that meant a lot of dedication for me. And, and that also meant I wasn’t able to work as much as I would have worked otherwise.

If I had sent them both to public school, I would have been able to work a lot more. And so my business didn’t grow at the pace that I have wanted it to grow. And at some point, I was kind of bitter about it. But then I consulted the I-Ching, you know, the Book of Changes. And so I, my question was, “What can I do so my business grows more quickly?” And the response from the I-Ching was that I should enjoy the moment. And I should really appreciate the present. Because as time went on, I would look back at this time and think, Oh, those were the good old days. And then I thought, oh, my gosh, this is so totally true. Because I really enjoy being a mom. And I really enjoy teaching my kids and spending time with them.

And so however, my business didn’t grow at the pace that I would have wanted it to, because I was giving energy to my kids. But it did grow. And so at the same time, as I was homeschooling, I wrote, I think seven books on Feng Shui, and I created online courses, and I got all the things ready, so that now that they’re 19 and 16, I have everything in place to really grow exponentially. And so I’m very happy and satisfied with that, right.

What Are Your Soul Contracts with Your Kids?

And so I want you to think about what soul contracts you may have with your kids. And think about the things that you have done for your kids that only you could do. And so for example, I have a friend that she’s a nurse, she’s a registered nurse, but she’s also a Reiki practitioner, right. And she had a kid and her kid had dyslexia. And so my friend, because she was in touch with so many healers, she found something and some technique that she could use to help her child with dyslexia. So she homeschooled her child, and she got this training, which was very involved and expensive, and all that. And so she learned the skills that she needed to teach her child and then her child went to graduate as she went to high school, to public school for high school, she graduated high school with honors, and then she graduated college with honors, right?

And so if you want to tell me, what did your kids need, that you were especially good at, and that you were able to provide for your kids. Other examples that I have seen is, kids that just have such a passion for martial arts. And they were born to, to a father, who was a black belt in some martial art, and they started learning from where they were really, really little. And so you can see, some of the unique skills that you developed in your life before you had kids, they come in handy as you started raising a family. And that can give you an inkling of what are your soul contracts with your kids the things that you offered, as a spiritual being, to do for your kids.

All Parents Give Up Something

The other day I was talking with some friends who came to visit from abroad, and we’re talking about what we thought our lives would be like when were in high school, and how our lives turned out to be. And we follow different paths.

One of our friends, she’s a total career woman. She makes boatloads of money. She never was a home very much. And she has some guilt about it, that she didn’t spend time with the kids and stuff. But on the other hand, she’s an awesome provider. One of the things she wanted to do for herself was this. She saw her mom suffering abuse from her father, because she could not afford to be out all by herself. So part of her own soul contract with herself, was that she was going to be self sufficient, and she was going to make a lot of money so that if it came to that, and it didn’t come to that, she’s happily married. But if it came to that she will be able to support herself and her children well.

We were talking about how all parents have to sacrifice something. Some parents sacrifice time with their children and other parents sacrifice a whole income in order to be with their kids. But the wonderful thing about Feng Shui is that the sacrifices that you have to make if you’re living your life with good Feng Shui, they’re a lot less.

For example, in my case, yes, I did have to put my business a little bit in the back burner, but it was still cooking, right? And, and if you have good Feng Shui, even if you are a mom that works outside of the home, you probably are spending a lot of time, you’re wasting a lot of time when you come home, just arguing with your spouse, arguing with the kids about the house not being in a good place, instead of just enjoying the time with them.

Life is Easier with Feng Shui

When you have good Feng Shui, the time that you get to spend with your kids, if you’re a working mom is really high quality time. So all those things matter, Feng Shui matters. And Feng Shui definitely makes your life easier. And in this subject of soul contracts, I would love to hear from you, what do you think your contracts are with your kids.

And, and also, especially, we’d love to hear from you if you are or you used to be a homemaker principally. Because I think that these days, women that are homemakers, they have more serious soul contracts with their kids. Because it used to be like, if you think about your grandmother, for your grandmother, it probably wasn’t she was being pushed to stay home with the kids. For your grandmother’s generation, it was really rare for a woman to work outside of the house.

And, and so today is kind of the opposite. Society pushes you to be out there working. And you have to make a conscious decision and say, “Hey, no, I’m going to stay home with the kids, I’m going to raise my kids,” or even “I’m going to homeschool my kids.”

Finding Time to Take Care of Yourself

I would like to hear from you, what do you think are your soul contracts with your kids, and how you feel you’re fulfilling them. And I would also like to hear if you have any frustrations. Are there any things that you would like to do that you’re not getting to do right now? Are there any things that you need to do that you’re not doing right now.

For example, I see a lot of moms who feel like they cannot do something until they feel the home is under control. And so they don’t do the things they need to do for themselves. For example, they won’t go to the gym and work out. Because they’re like, “Oh, the laundry needs to be done.” But they also want to do the things that they would love to do for themselves like, “Well, I can’t go on a girls night out with my friends, because somebody has to do the cooking.” And so the more you incorporate Feng Shui into your life, the easier it becomes to have control over all the aspects of your life, life becomes easier, relationships become easier, finding things becomes easier, and your home starts nurturing you like a protective and supportive partner, instead of being a drain.

If you want to see your home, as a partner for you, instead of your hidden enemy, let your home be your BFF instead of your hidden enemy, then let me know and in I can guide you depending on your circumstances – where you are at in life right now. And I can guide you to all the different paths that you can take one step at a time to turn your home into a dream home. So that you get to do the things that you came to do for yourself. And so if you have been denying yourself, because you feel like your soul contracts with your kids, with your partner, they’re so huge, that they don’t leave room for anything else, you definitely need to start incorporating Feng Shui into your life. So that you also get to do the things that you need to do for yourself, the things that you came to do for yourself. That is also part of your life mission.

Taking care of yourself as part of your life mission, enjoying the things that you came to enjoy learning the things that you came to learn. That is all important you matter. You are important. And the more center the more grounded and the happier that you are, the happier your kids and your whole family are going to be. That’s my message to you today and I really hope to hear from you in the comments. Bye


  1. Laura Erika Villanueva

    I never though about soul contracts but my most dear desire is to spend more time with Isabella, I am 45 now, she is 2 year 9 months and has a lot of energy. I have giving up everything a lot of things for her and my parents and I feel exhausted. I also love teaching and I feel teaching is one of my life missions. I do appreciate your writing, it felt like you were taking to me personally. Happy to know you Moni, you have been a huge support. Thank you 💙

    • I totally understand you. I had my boys at 35 and 38 and as an older mom I’m keenly aware of how precious the time with them is. Are you thinking of home schooling your daughter? Thank you for your kind words. I’m happy you’re in my world! 💖🌸

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