Running on Empty – Messages from Heaven

So many people right now have their minds on gas prices. It’s only natural to worry about the main type of fuel our cars use.

But what about the fuel you run on?

Your most important type of fuel is your connection with Heaven. Watch the video below to learn more, or read the transcript under the video.


Running on Empty – Messages from Heaven

Today I would like to talk with you about two things. One of those is that Heaven never abandons you. Heaven is constantly sending you messages to help you out. 

The other thing is a story of how Heaven saved me from running out of gas one time. 

A Lecture Out of Town and a Borrowed Car

Okay, so the story I want to share with you is, one time when I had been invited to a talk at a college. We used to live in Davenport, Iowa. And I had been invited to speak at a college, for the employees of a college. That was about an hour and a half away. And I think it was in a town called Cedar Rapids. So I went there. And it was really exciting. You know, I did really well. But let me backtrack. 

The lecture had been scheduled for months. But just the day when I was supposed to go and give the lecture, there was a problem with my car, and I had to take my car to the shop. 

So I asked my husband can I borrow your car. And so that meant I had to take my husband to school, he was still studying to be a chiropractor, in Davenport, Iowa. And so I had to drop him off, and then go on to to my lecture.

Short on Time

With all the hustle and bustle, I did not have time to get the gas. So I looked at the tank [fuel gauge]. And it was probably you know, just enough to get me to the other city. And so I made a mental note that as soon as I finished the lecture, I was gonna go get gas. 

But what happened is that I went and I gave the lecture and it went really well. And I sold the books and crystals and other things that I had with me. And I was so excited. I was so elated with how well things went, that when it was time to leave, I was just saying goodbye to everybody really excited, and I got in the car, and I took off and I didn’t get gas. 

Driving Back Home

So I drive for an hour and a half back to Davenport, and I get into the city of Davenport. And I’m going to the school Palmer School of Chiropractic to go pick up my husband. And I hadn’t gotten gas, right. 

I turned on the radio, and it was talk radio. And I’m listening to this interview with a writer that had written a book and was promoting the book about families and about being parents, and how our modern society encourages us to work to the point that we believe that we’re good people because we get exhausted. That when we are completely, completely emptied out of energy in the evening, that’s when we say it’s a good day. And we continue in this, like this, wheel you know, nonstop, and never taking time to replenish ourselves and never taking time to work on the things that are important to us. 

It was a really good interview. And I was thinking, I wish I knew what the name of the book was right? Because I had turned on the radio in the middle of the interview. So I didn’t know the name of the writer. And I didn’t know the name of the book. And just as I’m thinking this, the interviewer asked him, hey, so a reminder for our audience, what’s the name of the book?

The Book was called “Running on Empty”

And the guy says, well, the name of my book is “Running on Empty.” And when he says running on empty, that’s when it hits me. That’s when I remember “Oh my gosh, I have not gotten gas,” you know, I barely had gas to get there. And so I look down at the dashboard, and in fact, the little yellow light is on. You are running on empty, you know you’re low on gas. And actually the, the marker for the gas, it was more than an eighth of an inch below the E and so it was like a miracle that I hadn’t gotten stranded and ran out of gas. 

This is the most interesting thing. When I heard that I looked at the dashboard and I realized oh my gosh, I’m gonna run out of gas and then I looked up and there was a gas station. Right to my to my right. Right there. There was a gas station, so all I did is I veered with the last, probably consuming the fumes, the last fumes of gas, that were in the car, and I just veered into the gas station and got a full tank of gas, and then I was able to go get my husband and so nothing happened. 

Synchronicity All Around

It could have been a terrible situation. Imagine if I had gotten stranded in the middle of the road. And so it was so interesting that something guided me to turn on the radio and to put it on that radio station where they were talking about these things that were so interesting to me. And then the message. Running on empty was the name of the book and my husband’s car was pretty much running on empty. And that was the reminder to look at the dashboard and to get gas. And that happened with such synchronicity, at the very moment when I was right there by the gas station, so it was just an amazing thing to happen. 

Heaven Never Abandons You

The reason I want to share this story with you was because recently I have been sharing with you about the importance of life missions and how every person comes to life with life missions – the things that you want to do accomplish and learn for yourself and the things that you have been asked to do or be for others. 

But the most amazing thing is that Heaven doesn’t just send you into life and say, “Hey, these are the things you need to accomplish in this lifetime.” Heaven never abandons you. 

I say Heaven, because Heaven is the word used traditionally in Feng Shui, and in ancient East Asian philosophy. But I mean, you can use the word according to your beliefs, you can use Creator, Universe, Life, Nature, Goddess. Whatever word you want to use, according to your personal beliefs. But it is that power that is so much greater than us and sustains us. 

Core Concepts in Feng Shui and Ancient East Asian Philosophy

One core concept in Feng Shui is the concept of life missions. But another core concept is that Heaven is always sending your messages. Heaven is always trying to help you out. Heaven has a vested interest in you completing your life missions. And so heaven never abandons you.

Those messages can come through a fortune cookie, they can come through a program in the radio, they can come through a book that somebody gives you, they can come through a post on Facebook, that makes you stop, on any social media that makes you stop. They can come through a movie. They can come through the words of a friend.

The Messages Are Coming, Are You Listening?

There are so many ways that heaven is trying to communicate with you. And if you just listen, things are gonna go really well. And you’re going to avoid a lot of problems. 

I wanted to share with you that story because it’s so synchronistic the way it happened. And I did get the book, by the way. It was a really good book that was very helpful to me. Because I was at the time my husband was going through school and we’re starting a family. And some of the knowledge in that book was very relevant to what we needed.

Has Something Like this Happened to You?

I want to ask you to share with me, if you would like to share with me, when you have received messages from Heaven, when have you received that unexpected help, that it was just so synchronistic that, if you’re a person of faith, you had to make that connection that this is this superior power that is helping you. 

The beauty of this is that Heaven, or whatever you want to call it, is interested in you. That Heaven sent you here, but you are not abandoned. You’re not alone. There’s always help coming your way. There’s always messages that heaven is sending you. And all you have to do is pay attention, be present, pay attention, stay open to receive those messages from Heaven, and to take the right action, to take perfect action, as you are guided through life. 

I would love to hear if you have had any memories in a circumstance like that, where you really needed to hear something that was relevant either to that moment, like what happened to me in that moment, or that was relevant to you as a decision for your life. I just love to hear those stories. So if you feel comfortable sharing, please share in the comments.

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