How Heaven Guides You on Your Path

Heaven guides you on your path. Every so often, you feel a nudge to get you, or keep you, in the right direction for you.

Every Feng Shui step you take in your home is meant to open up your connection with Heaven so you’re in constant contact with the source of your inspiration.

Inspired ideas lead to the right actions. Little by little your goals for all the Feng Shui life areas are fulfilled.

Growing up, I never considered studying architecture, but when the time came to choose colleges, I was firmly guided to this profession. Studying architecture was a necessary step in my journey to understand and share Feng Shui that works.

Watch and listen to the story below.

Transcript: The Bizarre Way in Which I Was Guided to Study Architecture

Hello there, and welcome to another Feng Shui lesson where you learn while I tell you a story. 

And today, I would like to share with you about a really bizarre way in which I was guided to sign up in the School of Architecture. 

This is what happened. 

A Gap Year

When I graduated high school, I wanted to take a year off because I had so many extracurricular activities, I was class president, and I was in so many different groups that I finished my senior year completely exhausted. 

So I decided to take a sabbatical year to rest and make sure I made a good decision about college. 

One year later, when I was supposed to make a decision. I had actually decided to study a type of engineering in a school that is similar to MIT.

I was really good at math. It had never occurred to me the idea that I could study architecture, but I was also really good at art, you know, drawing and painting. So people over the years, they had told me, you know, you should consider being an architect, because you are good at math and you are good at art, and that is a profession that puts the two together. 

A Silent Voice

But I had not actually ever considered it seriously. But one morning I wake up, and I hear a voice. It was more like, as if somebody was trying to communicate with me telepathically, I didn’t actually hear the voice. 

But I wake up and I hear this voice that says “you should go register in the school of architecture today.” And I brushed it off, and I got up and I kept going about my business. And that voice kept getting more insistent and kind of louder “go register to School of Architecture.” 

Registrations Closed

Finally, I went and got a phone book. That’s how long ago that was. And so I get a phone book, because I didn’t even know where the school of architecture was. So I found the phone book, I look for a school of architecture. I jot down the address and go there. I get to the school, and I go to where the registrations were in the main office. And there’s these windows and these secretaries behind the windows, but there’s a huge sign that says “registrations are closed until next year, do not insist.” 

So I knocked on the window, because I was going to insist anyway. And so they were sliding windows. They open one up and they say “yes?” And I say,”I did read your sign, but I was wondering if there’s any exceptions that I can I can do to register this year.” And she tells me, “No! Read the sign.” And she closes the window. 

And so I was thinking, “What is this? I just ‘heard’ that so clearly this morning that I should register in the School of Architecture, and I try to do it,  and now they shut the door (actually a window) kind of symbolically in front of me.

Unexpected Help

That evening, I went to a computer course that I was taking while I was in my sabbatical year. I had started taking a basic course on computers because I wanted to learn about computers and basic programming. That night, I go to my class, and I sit next to a woman who didn’t like me. And I don’t know, for what reason, I start telling her what happened that morning. That I went to school of architecture and there was a huge sign that said, registrations are closed until next year. She tells me, “Well, I have an uncle that works at the University, maybe he can help you.” 

And I said, “Well, does he work in the School of Architecture?” She said, “No, he works in human resources. But maybe he can help you.” 

And I say, “Oh, I don’t think so. You know, l think I think it would be a waste of time.” 

And she said, “No, no, no, my uncle will help you.”

Remember, this was a person that didn’t even like me. 

And so she says, “I’m gonna give you a call tomorrow morning after I talk to my uncle.” This was an evening class.

Help From Strangers

The next morning she calls me and she says, “I have talked to my uncle and this is the address, go to his office and he’s going to help you.” 

So I go to his office, and I introduce myself and he says, “Yeah, my niece told me about you. Tell us what we can do for you.”

I explained the situation – I wanted to register for school of architecture where registrations are closed. 

And so he calls a woman that works in the same office, and he says, “This is Inés, let me introduce you to her. She used to work in the School of Architecture, so maybe she can help you.” So again, I explained the situation to her.

Even More Help from Strangers

She makes a phone call, right? So she talks to some secretary in the School of Architecture. And she’s like, “Oh, how’s the family” and all that, you know, the small talk. Then she says, Hey, I was wondering if you can help me with something and explains my situation. 

So the secretary, you know, is talking to her, and then she’s nodding, and she’s taking notes. And then she hangs up, looks at me, and she says, “This is what you need to do. You need to write a letter, apologizing and explaining for not registering on time and asking for an exception to your case. This is how you need to do it. And then you need to go and talk to this person. Say that I sent you, and you need to take $300 in cash, can you do that?” 

She Typed the Letter for Me

I was like, okay, I can do that. But I was going to take her notes and go, right? And then instead, she turns around, and she types the whole letter for me. And she just asks for my information, full names, and date of birth, and all my data and she writes the letter for me. She prints it out in really nice stationery paper, so that the only thing that I have to do is sign it. 

I go home, get the money, and then go register. So I arrive with the letter that she typed for me, that all I had to do is sign, and this secretary of the school of architecture was waiting for me and she was all smiles. And I got registered that day. 

What Was the Message?

After that happens, I go home. And I’m thinking, “this was so so clearly the voice from heaven. It was words from Heaven guiding me to do something that I need to do. But I what I don’t understand (nd you’re probably asking the same thing) is why did this voice not tell me a week ago to go register to the School of Architecture, when all I would have had to do is show up and sign up and instead waited until registrations were closed?”

You might think, okay, maybe it’s because it’s one way that God wanted me to know that it was being guided. But I think that more important than that it had to do with the class where they put me in. They put me in a class with all the people who had signed up last. And in that class, my very first day of class, I met two people that would become very important in my life. 

Two New Friends

I went to the school for my first day of class. My whole life from when I had been in kindergarten until I graduated as a senior in high school, I went to the same school in the same building. And it was an all girls Catholic school. And all of a sudden, I’m thrown into this environment, which is weird, where it’s co-ed, it’s a public university in Ecuador. It was the only school of architecture in my city.

There’s people from all walks of life. And I walked into the class and I felt intimidated. So I walked back out. And while we were waiting for the teacher to arrive, and I was there… the building was really nice. All the classes came out to open balconies that were also hallways. So I’m leaning on the balcony. And then this one guy comes and says hello to me, introduces himself, we start talking. Then when we go into the class when the teacher is there, and he sits next to me and then this other guy sits next to me on the other side. And he introduces himself to me. 

Lifetime Blessings from Friendships

The guy that sat to my right that day is still a friend today. We actually graduated together, we started school on the same day and we graduated together. We were thesis teammates and we worked on our graduate thesis together and graduated together, we worked really well together. 

He was really strong in the things that I was weak. I was really strong in the things that he was weak and so we made a really good team. 

The other guy, the first guy that had introduced himself to me, he later on, three years later he would convince me to try an experimental branch of the school of architecture where I met the teachers, and I learned the subjects that I needed to learn to later on understand Feng Shui better, and to put together the Nine Steps to Feng Shui® System.

Guided to the Right Teachers

The Nine Steps to Feng Shui® System is made up of forms school Feng Shui, which is the most ancient and reliable School of Feng Shui, the principles of modern architecture that I learned in the experimental branch of the School of Architecture were this friend guided me to, and also the principles of ancient East Asian healing.

The same principles behind acupuncture, Qi-Gong, and martial arts even are what gave rise to Feng Shui. So that is the story. It’s a really bizarre thing, right? 

I was guided that day to register for the School of Architecture when I had never, ever considered this seriously. 

What Are Your Stories?

I would love to hear from you. If you have felt that there were times in your life when you were guided to do something that maybe even didn’t make sense to you at the time. But on hindsight, it shows you how you were being guided through a path. 

If you have any stories like that, share them with me in the comments, I would love to hear from you.

The Life Area for Your Life Purpose 

In Feng Shui, there’s a life area called career, life missions and individuality. And that life area is located in the middle of the front wall. 

So the front wall, the wall that has your front door, on the very middle of that wall, that is where your career, life  mission and individuality life area is located and that has to do with your life purpose. 

One of the core beliefs in Feng Shui is that Heaven is constantly guiding you and giving you little nudges, to get you on your path. For me, part of what I needed to do for my Feng Shui journey was to first study architecture so that I could understand Feng Shui…

…so that I could disentangle Feng Shui,

…so that it could sift through Feng Shui knowledge from all the superstitions that had become attached to it over the years.

Going through six and a half years of architecture career that was part of my path. To learn everything I needed to learn, so that I could understand the concepts I needed to understand. And then put together this new system. 

Of course, there were other things. Heaven put me in the path of other teachers, other kinds of learning the along the way became instrumental in putting together the system. 

Again, if you have any stories like this, please share them with me. I really, really love to hear these stories.


  1. Benczedi Ildiko

    It is still amaze me when I hear such clear guidance :))

    I did have several too, but I understand just now the older ones….I will share two of my stories
    1. The latest and nicest guidance, how we have tree amazing puppy girls now:

    Moni Castaneda you helped us how to complete our floor plan with crystals. We planted them in the ground on a Saturday noon and a series of happenings started.
    First, my parter had a call in couple of hours to go official with his business.
    Second, on that Saturday evening, my son came with a group of friends and we had a great evening.
    Sunday, early in the morning, I felt a strong urge to go for running in a beautiful place in two village distance.
    When I have my son at home from university usually I don’t go anywhere, but this urge was strong. My partner weak up too and we both go with the car to that place. From parking we went on feet 500 meters to get to the running place, but I felt again a strange urge that this is not the right place, so we did go back to the car and drived up to a hill, Sunday morning at 6 am😁. Parked the car and he started to do his exercises, but again I felt a strong urge I have to go more further to the very edge of the hill.
    And there I relaxed finally and wanted to start some breathing exercises when I hear really strange crying…somebody left there in double plastic bags 3 little newborn puppy’s to die… We took them home, and had a series of help from others with quality milk powder and money, and we babysit them for almost 2 months until they become more independent.
    I had a dream with one of them (Amanita, the black one): it was tree of her, bigger then she was in reality, very happy and playful. We was walking on a road, but a really colorful snake come down in the road, we waited until the snake passed by.
    Several day after the dream she got sick, almost died, twice! we did everything we was able in physical and energetic way. She survived :)))

    I don’t know yet why they came to us, especially that is not easy for us to feed them (a quarter of are food money goes for them) …I hope we can keep them.
    They already bring much joy, beauty and fun too.

    2. Guidance ..the biggest impact on my life, how my life changed with one unexpected decision:

    Our family just come back from America, and moved to a new town. I had all kind of emotional troubles, and somebody recommended to go to yoga classes, because the city had yoga club . I did…
    They was teaching between yoga material some other things what was very different from everything I know.
    I felt like true knowledge (at least for me) but I didn’t asked anything, I was barely understanding romanian then. I just nodded and smiled to everything, but at home I translated every printed word with dictionary😁.
    The club was growing and they started to organise camps too. I was so happy to go, just finished packing for the weekend yoga camp in the mountains, but than we got a call from school that Gusztav, my son, feeling bad, and they called ambulance.
    We run to the school, he was on the floor, the half of the school around him, and then I had kind of a “vision” I was seeing through all people, even Gusztav, I saw he had no serious trouble, had some kind of outside pressure on him. Calmly relaxed him and the other peoples/kids too, that his is fine.
    Just than the ambulance arrived, they
    examin, and gave him some shots and let him go with us home.

    We went to the meeting point with the yoga people and sad what happened and said goodby, because this was the wright thing to do.
    Gusztav was better, and I started to pack out, but I strong urge come on me, that I have to go. It is important to go.
    I had some moral struggle in me, but I felt again. I asked my son if it’s ok if I go away to camp. He sad yes.
    My husband was furios and give me the same moral lesson what I hade inside😅: you want to live your sick kid for yoga camp…
    But I decided to go anyway, which I didn’t do very often back then.
    In few minutes the yoga teacher called me to ask about Guszti, and for her biggest surprise I sad he is good, and I feel to go to camp.
    They was 200 km away, they just arrived to the camp. I had no driving licenses then, and my husband didn’t want to bring me.
    The yoga teacher husband offered that he will come back for me and I accepted.
    He was more in the background then, just helping his wife with her yoga business. He was a lawyer back then.

    He was the messenger of heaven. He felt an urge too to speak to me on the whole road about Carlos Castaneda and magical passes.
    I recognised some of the ideas in the yoga study materials she given to us.
    From that point, in almost exactly one year, my whole life changed.
    I had gathered energy without knowing it, just by making daily magical passes and reading books autodidact, had lot of dreaming, “visions/traveling” etc.

    She, the yoga teacher, was not preoccupied by sorcerers teaching, she just “used” in her classes some ideas. Her husband put his life on this.
    They divorced. I had divorced.
    We didn’t know about eachother privat life. Today he is my partner💛💛
    From than it’s a constant interior work and huge changes inside and surroundings too..

    I know now it was the heaven intervention, but than I felt ashamed for my “crazy” decision.

    • Very amazing stories, Ildiko! They’re all impressive, but the most “telling” of the intervention of Heaven is how you found the puppies. I didn’t know all the details before. 😊🌸💖

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