Feng Shui Vibrational Healing

In the Feng Shui Dream Home Creation Lab we work on the physical and the subtle aspects of your home.

In the physical sense, you learn all the home decor aspects of Feng Shui – colors, furniture placement, art, photographs, etc.

In the subtle sense, you work with affirmations, vibrational healing images, and spiritual space clearings.

Watch the video to learn about Feng Shui vibrational clearing and healing images.


Hello everyone. Today, we are talking about vibrational healing. And if you had never heard about vibrational healing, it is when you go right into the matrix instead of, how could I put this? Instead of trying to fix everything in the physical plane, in the physical level, you are actually going into the code, like the basic code of reality, which I know sounds a little bit weird.

Reality is Vibrational

When you’re using vibrational healing, you are going to the essence of how our reality is built. So if you ever suspected that there’s more to life than the physical world, if you have had experiences that are kind of ESP extra sensorial perception, experiences, if you ever heard like a silent voice guiding you, if you ever had a gut instinct and intuition that led you to take certain actions that on hindsight you realize were critical for your life. And that’s what we’re talking about. These subtle energies.

Physical Energies and Subtle Energies

Feng Shui works with both works the physical energies, and the subtle energies. And so when you are say, looking at your front door and you know that you have to make your front door attractive so that you can create good will in the neighborhood. That’s a physical thing that you do making your door pretty so that when you come home, you welcome yourself. So that as your neighbors go past your door, they feel good will toward you because they have some sense of gratitude that you are keeping the place clean and beautiful.

Common and Uncommon Sense

That is the common sense, Feng Shui the physical part of Feng Shui, but then there’s the uncommon sense Feng Shui, which is when we’re talking about the door, you are also attracting these good, positive energy from your neighbors, from yourself and from the environment from the air, which is chi, the life force because.

Chi Follows Attention

This spiritual force follows attention. So when you create good sources of attention, you also generate positive tea in the area. And so there’s this common sense function and then common sense. The function also includes this thing that I’m talking about, which is called vibrational healing, where you don’t just do things in the physical, but you also want to do things in the vibrational energetic level.

The Energy of Money

For example, I’m working with a client. And one of her concerns was that she wanted to have a more steady inflow of money into the home. So we have done everything, right. We have done everything in her foyer, the entrance of her home, the middle point of the front wall of the home, which is related to career, which is related to money.

And we have addressed everything that we could possibly address regarding the energy of money in the physical plane. Right? So you do things in the physical home in order to produce things in your life. Like for example, increasing the abundance of money. But if I have done everything that needed to be done, and she’s still not seeing changes, then I have to go into the uncommon sense part of Feng Shui and start working with vibrational energies.

And then I need to encourage her to start working with positive affirmations for career, like mission individuality to the life related to money. And I also need her to work with healing images.

The Vibrational Cures Encyclopedia

And let me show you, so this is the Feng Shui, Vibrational Cures Encyclopedia.

And this is a collection of four books that healer Bill Austin and I have, co-published and so there are Feng Shui cures for the life areas Feng Shui cures for the five elements, Feng Shui cures for the planet and money clearing and Feng Shui cureas for astrology. So you can of course also get these as individual books on Amazon.

But I recommend that you get the hard cover Feng Shui vibrational cures encyclopedia, because the hard cover book is just so much easier to use, you know, cuz you can open it and it lays flat. And so what you see here. You know that I do. The nine steps to Feng Shui system is the system that I created that combines modern architecture with ancient Feng Shui and the principles of alternative healing to produce this this method that always works to improve your home and improve your life.

How We Created the Vibrational Healing Images

And so Bill did a painting. He paints with acrylics. Basically what Bill does is he puts prayer into art and so he prays and he makes the art. So this image that you see here in the background, this is the master image, for clearing and healing everything associated with the Nine Steps system to raise the vibration of your home.

Let me show you an original by Bill Austin. So he does this abstract art, and this is done with acrylics and he thinks about the kind of spiritual download that he wants to work with, the kind of healing and clearing energies that he wants to bring in. And Bill is a person with great integrity.

Bill Austin and Unconditional Love

He’s so clear. He’s so full of unconditional love being in the presence of Bill is just amazing because it’s a person who doesn’t judge you at all and only sends you love. And so he puts that kind of energy into his paintings and he sets the intent. And he actually writes down on the back of the piece of cardboard where he’s gonna do the painting. He writes down his intent, what kind of healing energy he wants to bring into the artwork. And then he paints and he uses different colors. So this one is actually one, he did for the Angelic Feng Shui training, which is a clearing modality that works only with the subtle aspects of Feng Shui. And he did hundreds of images, hundreds of images for this work that we did together.

Vibrational Cures for Career and Money

And so let me just show you some here, some of the images that are here, so this, so I just opened one, you know, and it turns out to be the image for career. So let me bring this closer to you. We wrote a list of affirmations and I shared with him the kind of energy that I wanted to bring into the life area that we call career life mission and individuality.

And that’s the life area that has to do with money. So Bill painted all these abstract art and then. I drew illustrations and I inserted his art. So for example, this is the cure we created together for money for attracting abundance into the home. And it’s a waterfall, but it’s more powerful than any waterfall because it has the healing and vibrational frequencies here.

And so here, there’s an explanation of what the life area is about. Then you have the image with illustrations that I created that incorporates his art. Then you have just an abstract image that he did for the same purpose, you know? So for some people, it is easier to work with an image that has a visual figure that you can recognize.

Figure Images and Abstract Images

And for other people it’s just easier to work with the abstract and that’s just up to you. And so we provided two images for each and then we have a series of really powerful affirmations because we really put everything that Bill knows from his very special connection with heaven about this part of life and everything that I know from my experience with spaces.

And so, for example, I’m gonna read to you just one affirmation from the book.

Affirmations Powered by Vibrational Healing

My creator has designed a perfect occupation for me. It fills my heart with joy, gives peace to my mind, and it’s a pleasure to perform. Isn’t that a good one? We have just such good affirmations here. This is the image that we created for marriage relationships and partnerships.

That’s the figure image, right? And then this is the abstract. And let me read you the first affirmation here, my partner and I work together toward the attainment of our common goals. And that’s the first book, right?

So that’s the image for wealth. Wealth and money are separate in Feng Shui. It’s just such an amazing collection.

An Image to Heal Your Soul After Grief

Let me show you this one. This one is to heal your soul, especially after a loss or after moments of grief. This is the image for children, creativity, and fun. It’s just such an amazing work that we put together. If I say so myself, right? This is the image for friend reputation and social life life area that you really need to enhance if you work in a profession that depends on word of mouth, such as real estate.

The Five Elements in the East and West

And so that’s the first book, but then we also did a lot for them, five elements, and we actually did a lot of healing images and work for the five elements in the Western model and in the Eastern model. So in the Western model, you have air, water, fire, earth, and ether.

And in the Eastern model, you have water, wood, fire earth and metal. And so there are different systems, they’re not equivalent to each other. And so we created healing images for both. Look at the image for the fire element, pretty cool. So what you do is you choose an image from this book to work with every day and you can choose to work with just one book, for example, just Feng Shui cures for the life areas one month. And then the next month you do the Feng Shui cures for the planet and money clearing manual.

One Image Per Day

You just work with one image a day. You can just open up the book and just leave it open the whole day, one image per day.

Or you can just meditate with your hand on the image and close your eyes, or you can have the book open to that page while you do a meditation where you try to bring peace to your mind. So there’s different ways in which you can work with this.

One reason that I’m so excited is that we’re gonna start using these images, these clearing images and also clearing recordings.

The Kingdoms

This is the early kingdoms and fantasy and myth. So we included in the money clearing manual. We included all the energies from all the different cultures and the way that we perceive the earth Gaia, the mother earth, the elementals. So that we can really achieve harmony with the planet. It is so important that we go back into harmony with the planet.

The Greatest Challenge Humanity Faces Today

In my opinion, the greatest threat that humanity faces is pollution. The poisoning of the air, the water, the food. It’s super important that we each work to get okay with nature inside of ourselves. And then also in our actions, in our neighborhoods, communities, countries, and the whole world. It’s important for every person to start working with this.

And it is also life transforming to tap into these vibration al frequencies because they bypass our mind and the limitations of our mind.

There’s some things that you just have to experience.

Where to Get Feng Shui Vibrational Cures Encyclopedia

The book is Feng Shui Vibrational Cures Encyclopedia which you can get on Amazon here.

And you can start working with a book by yourself, but this is a very exciting announcement.

Vibrational Clearings Coming to the Feng Shui Dream Home Creation Lab

We’re gonna start to use these image in the Feng Shui Dream Home Creation Lab. So the Feng Shui Feng Shui Dream Home Creation Lab is the group program that I have. So you can turn your home into a dream home, learn all of the home decor aspects of and transform your home and your life to be a happier person and to get along better with your family .

And now we are adding the vibrational healing to our offers in the Feng Shui Dream Home Creation Lab. Once every week we’re gonna get together and we’re gonna choose an image to work with. And we’re gonna use that image with a recording and meditation. We’re gonna work with the affirmations so that we can start acting on these non physical, energetic, vibrational aspects of Feng Shui. What is sometimes known as an uncommon sense to give more power to everything that you do in the physical world to improve your Feng Shui.

And so, again, the is the Feng Shui Vibrational Cures Encyclopedia by Monica and Bill Austin, William Austin, is his full name. And this book has hundreds of images that are so beautiful and that can help you with your vibrational healing.

The Water Element in the West

Here is an image for the water element in the Western paradigm, right? And with the image of the dolphin there, it’s just so powerful to work with these basic energies that can help you understand life at an instinctive level. They they go beyond what your mind can comprehend and they go directly to your heart. They go directly to your soul, to your energy field. And so I’m gonna put a link to the Feng Shui Dream Home Creation Lab so that you can start checking that out. Coming in September, that’s when we’re gonna start doing the healing we’re gonna do every week, we’re gonna do healings, clearings.

Readings, Clearing and Insights Every Week

We’re gonna have readings is gonna be really, really exciting. And also one time per week, you get to submit photos of your home. So I can give you direct feedback on that. You get access to amazing fabulous courses. And you can ask questions every day. It’s a really wonderful environment where you can meet like-minded people who like you understand the power of Feng Shui, the power of working in the physical aspects of your home to produce changes in your life.

But even more than that, we’re gonna start adding these subtle energies to increase the power. And I am grateful for you to watching this. And I hope you’re open if this is the first time you hear about vibrational healing, I hope you are open to explore it. And in later in this month, we’re gonna do a sample clearing here in the group.

I’m gonna be announcing that so you can get to experience it. First hand, thank you so much for watching and I’ll see you next time.

Explore the Feng Shui Dream Home Creation Lab here


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