Visualize Your Dream Home: Size

To manifest your dream home, you need to know the size range to consider and ask for.

You know that the Universe wants you to be precise in your requests.

Watch the video to find out if your dream home should be a mansion or not.

If you decide it shouldn’t be a mansion, then the video will teach you how to calculate the right size for you and your family. If you’d rather read than watch, there’s a transcript below.

Now It’s Your Turn to Have a Home and Life You Love

Feng Shui is very complex and if your try to do it yourself, you risk ruining the look, the comfort and the luck of your home. Do it with guidance. Explore the Feng Shui Dream Home Creation Lab here.


Hello there. Today, we are talking about visualizing your dream home. A lot of people think that their dream home should be a mansion. This is the idea that a lot of people have, right? When they are doing their vision board, they want to put their dream home there. So they go to a magazine, they go to a website, they print out an image of a mansion. They cut it out and put it on their vision board.

Is Your Dream Home a Mansion?

But is the mansion the dream home for you? That’s what we want to establish. A mansion can be a dream home for some people. Definitely, if you have a huge family, you probably would very much enjoy having a mansion. 

Some people if they have a huge family, they are going to do really well with the mansion. For people who have a lot of friends and relatives come visit and stay for long periods of time, or join them for vacations or having family reunions, it would be a great option to have a mansion.

If you have children who are very sociable, and they want to bring the whole football team over to your house to have a pool party and things like that. People who are really sociable, and they want to have a lot of social activities, a lot of parties at home, a mansion may be their dream home, but for most people, it is not. The Feng Shui standard of happiness is the smallish house full of people you love. 

The “Smalish” Home Full of People You Love

So how, what do I mean with this concept of smallish, right? Your house needs to be a size that you and your family members can charge with positive Chi, or positive energy. Let’s think about this, right? Have you ever been to a home that had a daily dining area that is in the kitchen? And then they also had a formal dining room. And when you go in the regular dining area in the kitchen, when you go there, it’s full of life and vitality and you feel the warmth and the love. 

But when you go to the formal dining room, it’s stale, it’s cold, it’s empty. It is not charged with positive Chi. So you don’t want to end up with a home that is so large that you and your family members are unable to charge the home, and most of the home has this void feeling that many formal dining rooms have. You don’t want that to happen to you. 

The Right Size of Your Dream Home

So what you want to do is have a home or look for a home or visualize home that is just the right size for you. And that is the smallish house. This is the recommendation. To figure out what size your dream home should be, count the number of people in your family, and multiply that by 400, then use the number of people in your family and multiply that by 600 and that’s going to be the lower end and the higher end size for you.

So if you are a couple, two people, right, an 800 square foot home, may be all that you need. And if you want to have more room, if you want to be more comfortable, have more elbow room in your home, then you could get a home that is 1200 square feet. And that is all you need. 

There Are Exceptions

Of course, there are exceptions. If you work from home, if you practice an art or a craft and you need to have a special space in the home to practice that art, if you do woodworking, you have a hobby or an occupation that requires extra space, of course you should get yourself the extra space, but just for living and being happy, you don’t need more. 

So if it’s say father and mother and one child, that’s three people. So three people, times 400, that would be 1200. This, the smaller home recommended would be about 1200 square feet, and times 600, that’d be 1800. So a really comfortable home where you have a lot of space to enjoy would be an 1800 square foot home. 

Lower End and Higher End

You see the idea? So, let’s think of a family of five, the parents and three children. Five people times 400, 2000 square feet. You can be perfectly happy and comfortable in a home that is 2000 square feet big.

And if you want to go to the higher end five people, times 600, that’s a 3000 square foot home, which is really comfortable. So do that for your family. How many people are in your family, multiply that for 400 and multiply that by 600. And that is going to give you an idea of the range of sizes that you need to be looking for, or that you need to be visualizing for your dream home.

Are You Already Living in Your Future Dream Home?

How that dream home is going to come about, maybe it means that you leave the place where you live right now and you purchase a place that is exactly how you visualize your dream home. Or it may be that you take the home where you live right now, and you expand it in order to make it bigger so that it can fit all your activities and all your needs.

But for right now, all I want you to do is to just start visualizing your dream home and determining this range of sizes that you would need. They actually did a study where they followed a number of families that had two or three children, and they tracked their movements to see how they utilize their homes and no family with two or three kids actually used, regularly, more than 1800 square feet in their home. So if their home was 1800 square feet, they used the whole home. If the home was 3,500 square feet, they used 1800 only. If the home was 6,000 square feet large, then they still just used 1800 square feet. And most of the rest of the home was just abandoned, just like that formal dining room that we were talking about earlier.

Have You Determined the Size of Your Dream Home?

So I would love for you to tell me what would be the size, the range of sizes, that you should be looking into to visualize your dream home. And let me know, is the home where you live right now, fulfilling all your needs. Are you able to do in your home, everything that you need to do and everything that you would love to do? Share that with me, because we are embarking on a journey starting today of figuring out what your dream home actually looks like.

And I know you may have been indoctrinated to think that if you are doing well, if you become wealthy, if you’re successful, you need to have a mansion because that is a natural consequence of making more money. That is a natural consequence of growing more wealth. But that is not the truth. If you cannot charge your home, it’s not a good home for you.

If your home is so big, that there’s an echo, it’s not a good home for you.

A Neighborhood of Mansions

I grew up in a neighborhood of mansions. My parents built a large house, but still just a house, in a neighborhood full of mansions. And so, I had exposure to a lot of mansions. Also, I went to a school that was really exclusive and a bunch of my classmates, they lived in mansions. 

So I had an opportunity early on to look at how people lived in mansions. And then as a Feng Shui Consultant, I have been hired by people who lived in mansions, and I had the opportunity to see how they lived. And one of the things that really surprised me when I was a child, this was way before cell phones, that in these mansions they have to have intercoms. So the mom, or the maid, in the kitchen would push a button to call all the different family members to come over to dinner. If you have to do that, do you think that you can really be happy? Do you think that you really could connect with your children either so far away, you would need an Intercom or these days, you need to text them to come over to have dinner because you can just call them to come over and have dinner.

Charging Your Home with Positive Chi

So this concept of being able to charge your home with your energy is super, super important in Feng Shui. So, it’s not a matter of, it’s just more practical to have a smallish home as opposed to a huge home. It’s a matter of how large of a home can you have and still charge it with positive energy so that your home radiates love and good vibes.

If your home is too big for you to do that, your home is going to be a sad home, or you are going to get depleted trying to charge the home. So again, share with me what is the size range of your dream home, in the comments. And I’ll see you in my next video.

Feng Shui is very complex and if you try to do it yourself, you risk ruining the look, the comfort and the luck of your home. Do it with guidance. Explore the Feng Shui Dream Home Creation Lab here


  1. This was a really interesting and insightful concept around choosing home size. For us though, I’m not sure the square footage aspect connects to our needs as they are more complex. We have three adult children with their own significant others (no children yet) and also an eight year-old son, plus me and my husband. There are four dogs and two cats between all of us. My daughter is an artist and crafter and needs space for doing her sometimes large and messy projects. My husband and two of our boys enjoy outdoor projects and big toys like our RV, boat, cars, etc. There are 8 cars between us as well. My husband and I both work from home as do two of our children. I plan and organize events and trainings- both online and in person and need space for teaching and leading those. We’re also very social and enjoy time together and with friends and often have people over. I honestly think our ideal home would be a family compound on acreage with lake frontage and a dock for our boat- with a main house, smaller houses for the kids, and a central lodge style space for events and social functions plus a large garage space and craft building with good air circulation. I don’t want a mansion but do want space for all of us and our many activities and projects- just not all in one building.

    • Angela, thank you sharing. I have found out that for every person in the home with a home business or a hobby that they are devoted to, you add 400 to 600 sq. ft. extra. A future message will talk about neighborhoods and neighbors 😊

  2. Really enjoyed this information, but do have one question. Would a single person really be most comfortable in a 400-600 sq ft home? That seems rather small.

    • Well, 400 sq.ft. is the minimum recommended size for a one bedroom apartment, but many apartments are smaller than that. My feeling is that 400 sq. ft. would be tight. I think it depends on the person, but for someone who doesn’t work from home and who doesn’t have a hobby or a craft, they would be OK with a 120 sq. ft. bedroom, 80 sq. ft. kitchen, 100 sq. ft. dining area, and a 200 sq. ft. living room, which would add up to 500 sq. ft. If the person has a hobby or feel they need a separate office, an extra 100 sq. ft. room might be enough.

      • Okay, that makes sense. I was thinking of a stand-alone house rather than an apartment.

        • We downsized from a 5 bedroom very large 2 storey home to a much smaller 4 bedroom home which is 648 sq metres and for the two of us it is just fine, no stairs to climb, no large gardens or lawns to maintain. And much much less housework!!
          There are a few improvements to be made for the front yard because at the moment there is not much curb appeal but we will be sorting that out in the coming year.

          • Wow, that’s almost 7000 sq ft. That’s a lot of room for two people to keep charged with positive chi. If you have pets, that helps.

          • Are you sure about the 648 sq meters, Debbie? Looking at your floor plan it looks to me about 240 m2 not counting the garage. Also, I only see 3 bedrooms.

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