A Pool in Your Dream Home – Yes? No?

Everyone’s first instinct is to scream Yes! My dream home should have a pool.

This is because we associate dream homes with extreme wealth and in all movies and TV shows the homes of rich people have pools.

Just as your dream home doesn’t need to be huge a pool is not a necessity of your ideal home.

Watch these videos to learn more about pools and dream homes.

Does Your Dream Home Include a Pool? (57 seconds)

If you don’t mind the expenses, effort and risks that come with having a pool at home, then do visualize a home with a pool.

Pros and Cons of Having a Pool at Home (51 seconds)

Other Ways to Enjoy Water at Home and Outside of the Home )44 seconds)

Hot tubs, jacuzzis, garden tubs, slip-n-slides, wading pools – there are many ways to enjoy pools at home.

Pools As Symbols of Status (52 seconds)

Pools have long been considered symbols of wealth, but without proper Feng Shui, pools may become drains for money and wealth.

Infinity Pools Are Bad Feng Shui! (46 seconds)

Anything that would be unsafe for a small child is bad Feng Shui!

All Pools Create Feng Shui Trouble! (33 seconds)

If you already have a pool, consider scheduling a consultation to make sure the location and features of the pool are not creating an environment for loss of money and wealth.

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It’s Time to Visualize Your Dream Home!

Hey, if you’re every going to manifest that dream home, you have to start visualizing it right now. And the first step is to make sure you don’t ask the universe for a home that isn’t going to make you happy, no matter how much it follows current trends.

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