Visualize Your Dream Home: Pool?

Does your dream home include a pool?

I see that most people automatically include a pool in their visualization of their dream home, without giving much thought to all the responsibilities and dangers (really!) of having a pool.

Yes, for some people a dream home wouldn’t be a dream home without a pool, but for a lot of people having a pool would just mean trouble and frustration.

Watch the video to see all you have to consider before you make the decision to include a pool or not in your visualization of your ideal home. If you’d rather read than watch, there’s a transcript below.

Will Your Dream Home Have a Pool?

Now It’s Your Turn to Have a Home and Life You Love

Feng Shui is very complex and if your try to do it yourself, you risk ruining the look, the comfort and the luck of your home. Do it with guidance. Explore the Feng Shui Dream Home Creation Lab here.


Hello there, we are continuing to talk about your dream home, how to visualize your dream home. And today we’re talking about the topic of whether your dream home should include a pool. Most people that I have seen when they’re creating a vision board and, based on photos of their dream home, that dream home includes a pool.

A Pool is a Symbol of Status

I think it’s because a pool is a symbol of status, and many people associate the idea of a dream home with being rich. Now that you’re a millionaire, now that you are making boatloads of money, now you can have a dream home, and that dream home has to include a pool.

A Pool is Not for Everybody

But, a pool is not for everybody. Yes, for some people, their dream home should have a pool, but not for everybody, because a pool requires a lot of maintenance. There’s a lot of expenses with having a pool. But there’s also a lot of maintenance, a lot of work that, is associated with having a pool. And that is not necessarily something that you want to get involved in.

I was sharing a series of videos on Instagram, on the subject of your dream, home and pools, and somebody who used to work doing pool maintenance, he was talking about how hard it is, how much work it takes, how much energy and how much money to make sure that the pool doesn’t get gross. Those were his exact words. And I had a talk with people that used to do pool maintenance and they wouldn’t have a pool at home because it’s just too much work. 

Of course, if you are making boatloads of money, you can pay somebody to do the full maintenance for you. But it’s not for everybody. 

A Pool is Definitely NOT for These People

I’ll tell you who it is not for. It is not for people who have little children who haven’t yet learned to swim. So if you have little kids and you’re envisioning your dream home later on in life, you probably will enjoy tremendously a home with a pool. But when your kids are little, there’s a lot of stress, there’s a lot of fear associated with what could happen with those to those kids, if for, at any moment, they get in the pool and there’s nobody to supervise them. And the little kids who haven’t learned to swim, imagine the tragedy of having a pool accident. 

And I have had clients that have told me when their kids were little and they had a pool, they had recurrent nightmares that they would wake up in the middle of the night and find a child dead in the pool. It’s not a little thing. 

This Is Who a Pool at Home is For

It is for people who are willing to do the extensive maintenance a pool requires, or people who are willing to pay for somebody, to do the maintenance for them, and for people who do not have little kids who have not yet learned to swim, because that is very stressful.

Of course, you can add fences around the pool. You can have alarms, you can have all sorts of safeguards, but just the fact that you would need to have those tells you it’s probably not an ideal thing to do when you have very little kids who have not yet learned to swim. 

Alternatives to Having a Pool at Home

Now, if going to the pool, swimming, enjoying a pool is part of your dream life, there are ways that you can enjoy a pool, and that is not necessarily having to go to a public pool. But that you can have a pool really close to you. For example, you could live in a condo where there’s a pool for the condominium. My friend Lauren, she lives in, close to Miami, and she’s in a high-rise condo that they have a pool for every building.

And so she gets to enjoy the pool every day if she wants to, she never has to do any maintenance. Of course, she has to pay condominium fees, but she doesn’t have to do any of the work herself. She doesn’t have to go to buy for the chemicals to keep the pool. And she, for her, it’s just like having a pool in your own place. She just has to get in the elevator or go downstairs and there’s a pool.

Sometimes a Pool Fits into One Stage in Life

And then there’s another one of my friends. And she used to live in a huge house with a pool by the water while her kids were growing up, when they were teenagers and they used to have a lot of parties and all their friends would come over.

It was just fantastic. Everybody loved it. But once the kids are grown, they have gone off to college, she has downsized and she lives in a neighborhood where they have a pool in the neighborhood that it’s only accessible to people who have a house in that neighborhood. And so there’s not a lot of people who use the pool. It’s down the street, they can walk to it, they don’t even have to get in the car. So that’s another great solution. 

Living Close to a Gym that Offers a Pool

For our family, the best solution was to live close to a gym that has a great pool. So we are about seven minutes away from gym that has a great indoor/outdoor pool. Whenever the kids wanted to go swimming, we just get in the car, seven minutes we’re there.

And for us, it was even better to have a pool at the gym than it would have been to have a pool at home because the boys are very sociable, and they like to meet other kids and play with other kids. And because we homeschooled, we just spent so much time at home, that for us, it was such a treat to go to the gym and enjoy the amenities at the gym.

Other Ways to Enjoy Water

Now, if you have decided, as you visualize your dream home, you have decided, okay, I don’t need to have a pool in my house. Then, you can still enjoy water. A hot tub is a wonderful solution so that you can be completely submerged in water and you can socialize and enjoy being outside. A hot pool is a great solution for that. And you can have a jacuzzi and you could also have a garden tub, and turn your bathroom into a spa kind of place that gives you that kind of an experience. You can also have a wading pool, like kiddie pools for the kids to play in. You can have a slip ‘n slide. There’s so many different ways to enjoy water at home that are always available to you.

Friends with Pools

As I was sharing these reels that I had done on Instagram and for Facebook reels a friend contacted me and he said, you know what the best solution is? A friend with a pool. Yeah. That is a great solution. If you have a friend who has a pool, you get to enjoy it. It is a private pool and you don’t have to worry about maintenance. You don’t have to worry about the kids getting into trouble in the pool. So that is really is a great solution. 

Most People Think their Dream Home Includes a Pool

I have done a poll on Instagram: Does your dream home include a pool? 90% of people? Nine of every 10 people said, yes, their dream home includes a pool, but I think it’s because of this association that you have to be rich to have a dream home. And if you are rich, you have a pool, because the pool has been and still is a symbol of status. 

But, wanting a home with a pool, just because it’s a symbol of status, that’s a really bad idea. If you don’t love to swim, if you don’t love water, if you’re not comfortable in water, just so that you can appear to be rich is not a good enough reason to have a pool.

Visualize Your Dream Home, with or Without a Pool

So, I want to invite you to start visualizing what your actual dream home looks like. And I’m going to invite you to join this webinar that I’m going to be teaching very soon, and it’s going to help you visualize your dream home, by first avoiding the four pitfalls that you can get into, if you do not visualize your dream home before you intend it, before you put it on that vision board, before you start doing affirmations, before you start creating this feeling that you are in your dream home, you should know it’s the right home for you.

First Learn What NOT to Ask For

And so first learn the four things you should avoid when creating a dream home, so that you can actually manifest your dream home efficiently. There are so many things that interior designers and architects promote, and they sell you as pluses, that you see in those realtor shows. And it’s oh, look at this this thing, look at this other thing. And they’re all bad feng shui. But, some of those things don’t have to be bad feng shui. If you know what to do, they can be corrected. Some things you should completely avoid, they’re just not worth the trouble, but other things you can get the style, you can get the wow, you can get the magnificence in the space, but you need to learn to do the feng shui corrections so that a place that is wonderful, modern, and fashionable, doesn’t end up affecting your luck. That’s something you don’t want to play with. You don’t want to attract bad luck to your family. 

How’s Your Dream Home Looking in Your Mind?

Now that you know everything you need to keep in mind regarding pools, what’s your decision? Are you going to visualize a home with or without a pool? Share below.

Feng Shui is very complex and if your try to do it yourself, you risk ruining the look, the comfort and the luck of your home. Do it with guidance. Explore the Feng Shui Dream Home Creation Lab here


  1. I have no interest in a pool- nearly every house I’ve owned has had a pool and it just never gets used. We’re lake people for sure so having a beach area on the lake and a dock- great! Pool- no!

    • I’m glad you’re here and have shared this comment, so people who may be dreaming of a pool can think more about it and reconsider.

      • We really like our pool, in summer which is really hot in Australia it is used a lot. Our grandkids come over and they love it. So for us it is a social event that we share with family. My husband does the maintenance on the pool which does not take long at all and there is not much expense involved as it is a salt water pool, so maybe $100 a year on some acid and salt top up and maybe $100 for electricity to run the pump. To us it is well worth it.

        • It makes sense in Australia, where summers are so long and winters are mild, especially if it gets used a lot. How awesome that it’s a salt water pool. 😊

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