How Tall Is Your Dream Home?

When you visualize the home you want to live in, how many stories do you imagine it has?

How many staircases are in your dream home?

How tall are the ceilings?

Whatever image you have in your mind right now may change after you have watched the videos below and learned the Feng Shui reasoning behind the recommendations given.

All these super short videos together amount to less than 7 minutes.

Take this time to dream your home into being with visualizations.

How Many Floors/Stories Should Your Dream Home Have? (31 seconds)

As you visualize how tall your dream home is, you need to think about how many floors rise from the ground and how many floors there are in total, including basements.

Homes with Only One Story Have the Best Feng Shui (44 seconds)

The Feng Shui advice is to, whenever possible, choose a home in one floor. Watch the videos below to see the reasons for this.

Staircases Are Waterfalls of What? (55 seconds)

Chi rushes down staircases, and all staircases need to be “cured.”

Split Foyers and Decision Fatigue (51 seconds)

Split foyers force you to make a decision as soon as you walk in the door.

People Love These But End Up Not Using Them (53 seconds)

Everyone is wowed by a space with double-height ceilings, but these spaces don’t feel comfortable, so people rarely spend time in them, unless they have been Feng-Shuied.

A Staircase that’s Bad for Money?? (54 seconds)

Staircases pointing at the door make all the energy from the second floor rush out the main door.

High Ceilings Create Drama (59 seconds)

Anything in the home that is an excess or a deficiency causes drama among family members. Double-height ceilings are one such excess.

If you already have a home with more than one story, consider scheduling a consultation to counteract the negative Feng Shui created by staircases and super high ceilings.

Book a meeting here to chat about optimizing the Feng Shui of your home:

It’s Time to Visualize Your Dream Home!

Hey, if you’re every going to manifest that dream home, you have to start visualizing it right now. And the first step is to make sure you don’t ask the universe for a home that isn’t going to make you happy, no matter how much it follows current trends.

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