Are You Team “Good Neighbors” or “No Neighbors?”

Last week I did a poll online where I asked people, when they think of their ideal neighborhood, do they think of great neighbors or no neighbors?

I was not surprised to see that “no neighbors” won. Whenever I have asked this question it’s the same result.

There’s No Neighborhood without Neighbors

Really, there’s no neighborhood without neighbors. Unless you leave in the literal “middle of nowhere,” someone’s going to own the properties that limit your own.

I knew a couple who bought a farm so that they couldn’t see or hear anyone from their farm house. But they had neighbors. Their neighbors were other farms. One of those farms sold to a quarry. Guess what they would hear all day long after that!

On this page I talk about both the best and the worst neighborhoods where I have lived. Both will surprise you. 

When you’re done watching these videos, go to the bottom of the page and share with us what are the best and worst neighborhood you have lived in.

The Worst Neighborhood I Have Lived In

The Best Neighborhood I Have Lived In

What About You?

Share below what was the best neighborhood you have lived in, and which one was the worst.

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