Visualizing Your Dream Home – The Home as a Symbol of Status

You probably grew up thinking that a dream home needed to be a grand, beautiful house, surrounded by large grounds. 

Real Dream Homes Come in All Sizes

Most dreams homes are not large estate homes. 

They are more manageable places that their owners have filled with love.

Dream homes are spaces that are just the right size for the number in your family.

They are easy to keep clean and maintain – without having to hire outside help. 

Status Comes from This

Status is associated to style and taste, rather than to size and luxury. 

Watch the video below to see why.

Now It’s Your Turn to Have a Home and Life You Love

Feng Shui is very complex and if your try to do it yourself, you risk ruining the look, the comfort and the luck of your home. Do it with guidance. Explore the Feng Shui Dream Home Creation Lab here.


Today. I would like to chat about the home, the dream home as a symbol of status. You probably have seen all your life, the home, the grand beautiful home as a symbol of status, of success. And the one part of it is true and the other one is not. So, the part that is true is the beautiful part, but the grand part is not necessarily true. And I’m going prove that to you by saying this, if you went to a home that was really huge, and it was ugly, it was poorly decorated, that doesn’t really increase the standing of that person.

You would say that’s a person who has no class. That’s a person who has poor taste. You would not admire that person. They’re very wealthy. They’re very rich, right? They use this term, the “new rich” to denote, person that has money, but doesn’t have education or doesn’t have breeding or doesn’t have a good taste or doesn’t have class.

Humans are Hierarchical

Human society is a hierarchical society. It’s more like a dog society than a cat society. And let me explain. When they study cats, like feral cats, cats that have been domesticated, and now they’re in the wild again, when they study and they live in larger groups, there’s usually one cat that is the alpha, the boss of all the cats and then all the other cats are equal. But in dog society, you have a hierarchy. That’s like a staircase. If you have 12 dogs, you’re going to have top dog, next dog, next dog. 

Unfortunately, you see a dog that’s in the middle would be subservient to the dogs that he perceives, or she perceives, as being more powerful than they are. And they would be a little bit bully, bullyish, to the dogs that are not as important as they are. And human society is a lot more like dog society than cat society, there’s a hierarchy. I wish it wasn’t like that. I wish we lived in a world where everything was peaceful and beautiful, and everybody respected each other for the spiritual being that they are, and they were not always measuring one another, but that’s not the world we live in. 


And the perception that you have of yourself is based on what you see, and this past week I have been making some short videos around this topic on Instagram, about how our perception of our home is so tied to the perception of ourselves as individuals. Again, if you imagine a large house as your dream home, that house is not necessarily for you, because a house that is too large doesn’t have good feng shui, it is too large for the family members.

And if you see a house that huge and grandiose, but it’s not pretty, that has no beauty in it, you don’t think very well of that person. But if you had a house that is small or a home that is small but is just extremely beautiful and everything has been decorated with such great taste, that does elevate the status of a person, to have a home that is beautiful, even if the home is not large. That does raise them in the perception of themselves and the perception that others have of them. 

It’s Not About Size

So, it’s not about size. It’s about the quality and the knowledge with which you have arranged things. Now, a lot of my clients and students, when they first start working with me, they don’t have taste. It’s not that they have bad taste, it’s that they have never developed their own taste. And for example, they’ll come to me and tell me, I live in a condominium, and I have a neighbor that has her home decorated just beautifully and I want my home to look like hers. Or they’ll tell me, I saw this TV show on HGTV, and that is the kind of house I want my house to look like. Or they’ll collect magazines, home and garden magazines, and they’ll get clippings, and they’ll make a collage or put them in a box of all the things they will want their home to be like. And there’s nothing wrong with doing that, but many times, they’re just trying to borrow somebody else’s pretty. 

Someone Else’s “Pretty”

What other people think is pretty, what other people think is stylish. What other people think is elegant. And so they want to do that in their homes, but not because they love these things but because they think that is what people with good taste would want to do or would like. So there’s a difference, right? There’s a difference between copying what somebody else likes and the things that actually are truly going to make you happy. And many times students and clients that have not developed a sense of taste, they’re very afraid that if they start actually doing the things that they like, getting the things that they like, it’s not going to look good and they’re going to be judged by their friends, by their relatives, as having no taste or as having poor taste. And so they don’t dare to express their own personality. 

Develop Your Own Sense of Taste

One of the things that I do for my students and clients, is that I help them find their pretty, right? I help them find the colors, the textures, the furniture style, and decoration style, that suits them, that they really love. And that’s also going to look good because this is something that I have seen with other people who practice Feng Shui or who teach Feng Shui, that when you go into those homes, you are not impressed. You are like, huh. What would they do that? What is that thing hanging from that corner? And why is this other thing over there? And what is that really strange Chinese knot in red string over on this side? Because, many people, they just try to use the traditional Chinese cures, and they don’t fit, they don’t match, the decorating style of the person or the taste of the person.

So what I help people do is to find their own taste, to develop their own sense of taste. So that at the same time, the place they live in is a place they absolutely love. And also they, it’s a place that impresses others, because you may be the most secure person and you may say, I don’t care what anybody else thinks, I love my place. It is in the nature of being human to care how other people perceive you because we’re social creatures, and our survival depends on how well we get along with others. It’s just part of human nature. You want a home that is beautiful for you and for others. You want a home that wows you and wows others.

Improving the Home Results in Improving the Person

So that’s what I help you find with Feng Shui. And I see that all of my students and clients, as they go through the Feng Shui process, they start taking better care of themselves. So if I would show you the before and after photos of their homes you see a huge difference, but if I showed you the pictures of them before and after, there’s also a huge difference in how they look and you will see that they’re a lot more relaxed, they’re a lot more confident in themselves. And they’re a lot more sure of their own choices and decisions because that’s something they develop through the Feng Shui process, is confidence in their own choices. And that is a wonderful thing.

75% of Beauty is Grooming

I want to share with you about this study that I read about that it was done on beauty. And they had a number of volunteers, and there were not that many, maybe 19, 20 volunteers, and then they changed them, they gave them different wigs and they changed the clothes that they were wearing, and sometimes they had their faces completely washed, and other times they had some makeup on. And, and of course, for males and females, it was different. Women could go, there was a bigger range of changes that you could make in a woman because we more commonly wear makeup. But even with the guys, it was weeks with different hair color, a cool haircut or bad haircut and things like that.

And they took pictures of these people. One with like several different outfits and looks, and then they presented that to a larger group of people. And they asked to evaluate these hundreds of people on their looks, only it was not hundreds of people. It was a limited number of people, but hundreds of photos of them.

And they had these other participants in the study just rate them in attractiveness. And what they found is that 75% of people could be rated as homely, ugly, not good looking or very attractive, just depending on how well groomed they were and other factors, but the main factor was grooming. That was what made the hugest difference in how people were perceived either as pretty or not pretty. And so if a person was wearing a haircut that became them in a hair color, that was good for the complexion with clothes that were really good, that would make them look more alive, and if they look stylish, they were perceived as being a lot more attractive than if the same person was disheveled and wearing rags. And it’s the same thing with your home. 

Most of a Home’s Beauty is in the Care

You may look at your home and think it’s not worth it to put any energy into my home or to invest any money in my home, or, it’s a temporary home, so I’m not going to do anything. Maybe you are renting. Maybe you’re thinking you’re going to move to a larger house in a couple of years, or this is not your dream home. So instead of putting money into this home that you have, your current home, you will just save that money for the down payment, your actual dream home.

But what actually happens is that the more you let go of yourself, or the more you let go of your home, the more despondent you become about your own looks and about the looks and feel of your home. The more care and energy you put into your current home to make it as close to your dream home as it can become, the more you get vitalized, the more your energy goes up and the happier you’re going to be in the home where you live right now. And the more likely it is that you’re going to get that other dream home that you have visualized. So working on getting the energy of your home impeccable today actually improves the chances that you could get that other better home that you dream of. It is totally worth it to invest in yourself and it is totally worth it to invest in your home. That is my message to you today. Thank you for watching.

Now It’s Your Turn to Have a Home and Life You Love

Feng Shui is very complex and if your try to do it yourself, you risk ruining the look, the comfort and the luck of your home. Do it with guidance. Explore the Feng Shui Dream Home Creation Lab here.

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