Visualizing Your Dream Home – Neighbors

Unless you want to go live, literally, “in the middle of nowhere,” any home that you build or purchase is going to be in a neighborhood.

Even if you purchase a very large property, there are going to be people who own the land around you.

It’s very important to clearly visualize the neighborhood and the types of neighbors you would enjoy the most.

What Kind of Neighbors Do You Want?

Do you want to have neighbors that are kind and keep to themselves?


Do you want to have neighbors that are very involved and organize block parties?

What would make you happiest?

Visualize Your Dream Home – Neighbors

In this video I share two stories of people who believed their ideal neighbors were “no neighbors,” and how that turned out.

On the second half of the video, I share with you tips on how to “read” a neighborhood when you visit it for the first time, to see if it’s what you’re looking for.

Now It’s Your Turn to Have a Home and Life You Love

Feng Shui is very complex and if your try to do it yourself, you risk ruining the look, the comfort and the luck of your home. Do it with guidance. Explore the Feng Shui Dream Home Creation Lab here.

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