A Home and Life Transformed

Victoria participated in the Dream Home Lab for over one year.

Originally, she just joined because she needed feedback on her front entrance. Her plan was to be in the Lab for a couple of months and then move on.

However, the dramatic changes that happened right after she transformed her foyer prompted her to come back.

Take a look.

Transforming a Foyer and Stopping Justifications

Victoria repainted the walls of the foyer in a neutral color and added a beautiful round rug to help harmonize the usual shape of the space and welcome her and her husband home.

“Unraveling the Dead Spaces in My Home”

See the amazing transformation, from an abandoned closet with humidity problems, to a nook full of magic for the grandchildren.

Organizing an Old Style Home in the Dream Home Lab

One of the challenges Victoria faced was that the home had been built using models from an old style design, which came with things like:

  • No overhead lights in some rooms.
  • A lack of electrical outlets throughout the house.

But while participating in the Dream Home Lab she saw the true potential of the home and now she gets the feedback of beauty at every turn.

A side door on the left of the home was being used as the main door, while the front door (that lead to the foyer you saw above) was never used, and the family had started to use the foyer as a closet. With simple changes, the focus was changed to the front door with a bright colored and welcoming path.

Throughout the home, small changes in the space, such as getting a step-stool and a hook for the ironing board, increased the functionality and enjoyment of the home.

The whole home was pared down, creating space for new creative projects.

“The Master Bedroom is Now a Celebration of Us!”

Victoria and her husband have had a happy marriage for many years, so it was a mystery why they had gone 15 years without a headboard.

It wasn’t easy to find a headboard that fit the style of the home and didn’t cost and arm and a leg.

Watch the video to see the ingenious solution they found for this problem.

If you ever doubted how a headboard can transform a master bedroom look at these before and after photos. Victoria’s husband made this awesome headboard by repurposing materials they already had. 

The wonderful transformations that Victoria and her husband experienced through her participation in the Dream Home Lab are showing as increased pride in their home and overall happiness. They were happy and successful before, and now it’s even better!

Victoria’s home, of which you saw the photos above, is located in a large historic property that includes several buildings and structures, and breathtakingly beautiful grounds.

Go here to take a look: https://yellowsulphursprings.com

Now It’s Your Turn to Have a Home and Life You Love

Feng Shui is very complex and if your try to do it yourself, you risk ruining the look, the comfort and the luck of your home. Do it with guidance. Explore the Feng Shui Dream Home Creation Lab here.


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