The Path to Forgive

Forgiveness isn’t something that happens just by having the intention to forgive. You need to do more than just meaning to forgive. There’s an actual process, a technique, if you will to forgive. Let me detail this process here.


Separate your pain from the indignation you feel towards the offender. You need healing. the offender may need to face consequences, especially if they may be a danger to others.


Protect your Inner Child so you can follow the path to forgiveness knowing you are energetically safe. In Feng Shui we to this with family photos. Learn more here:

Set limits

Set clear and healthy energetic boundaries with the people around you. There’s no sense in forgiving if it’s all going to happen all over again. When you have been betrayed or attacked by someone it’s your duty to yourself to set clear boundaries so it doesn’t happen again.

Name it

Name the pain. Recognize what was done to you, even if you love the offender. Minimizing what was done to you will only make healing from it harder.


Seek healing where healing is needed. When healing is complete, forgiveness is automatic. Explore various avenues for healing, until you find the right match for you.


Recover the pieces of your soul that got trapped in the traumatic incidents. There are several ways to do this. Soul retrieval can be achieved through shamanic practices, vibrational healing, homeopathic treatments and prayer.


Become willing to confront life from a place of health and well-being. There are secondary benefits to seeing yourself as a victim. Yes, you were a victim in the past. Yes, terrible things were done to you. Bur right here, right now, in the present moment, you may choose to be in charge of your destiny.

Resentments, Forgiveness and the Grapes of Wrath

Do you need to forgive a family member? Watch this webinar to understand what forgiveness really is. Forgiveness opens up the channels for increased wealth.

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