Are Feng Shui and Vastu the Same?

Feng Shui and Vastu

I often hear people say that Vastu is the “Indian Feng Shui” or that Feng Shui is the “Chinese Vastu.” These statements are far from the truth.

Both Feng Shui and Vastu are arts of placement – but that’s where the similarities end.

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Feng Shui and Vastu Have Different Origins

Vastu originated in India. Feng Shui originated in China.

Vastu is rooted in traditional Indian beliefs. Feng Shui is rooted in Ancient Chinese Philosophy.

Traditional Indian beliefs are more concerned with the origin and nature of things. “What is the essence of things?” “What is the origin of everything?”

Ancient Chinese Philosophy is concerned with the way things are and how things work. “What is reality like?” “What rules govern reality?”

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Feng Shui and Vastu Use Different Methods

Comparing Vastu and Feng Shui is like comparing Yoga and Tai Chi. Both seek, balance, harmony and health in the body. However, their methods to achieve these things are very different.

Yoga’s search for balance is based on poses that are held for certain periods of time. Movement connects the poses, but holding the poses is more important.

Tai Chi seeks balance found in movement. When you’re doing Tai Chi you’re constantly in motion. Poses are never held for more than one second, and there is a constant shift of weight from one foot to the other.

It’s the same with Vastu and Feng Shui. The recommendations for colors, furniture, textures and decorations are all different from each other.

They Come From Different Climates

Feng Shui originated in a template climate, whereas Vastu developed in a tropical climate. For this reason, much of the advice is different, as it was arrived at from geographical and seasonal considerations.

For example, Feng Shui favors the South and shies away from the North. This makes sense because in places with harsh winters you want to orient buildings to the South in order to get sunshine.

But in India, facing the South is not convenient (unless there is a large porch) because the home would get excessively hot in the summer.

Choose One

Attempts to mix up these two arts never end well. Choose the one that fits better with your belief system and which can give you the look and feel you want for your home.

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Now It’s Your Turn to Have a Home and Life You Love

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