She Stopped Moving Things Around All the Time

 Moni, thank you for all your help on this journey we are in together! I wouldn’t have wanted to do it with anyone else but you!!! 🧡

Rebecca Rosemergey

Rebecca has always been sensitive to the energy in spaces. Before she found Moni and Feng Shui for Us, she constantly rearranged all the rooms in her home. She moved the furniture around, and played with accessories and artwork. She tried many different things, but she never felt like she got it right.

When she moved to a new place, she wanted to make sure her space had great energy, so she embarked in the Feng Shui Immersion Journey.

The Feng Shui Immersion Journey is an online Feng Shui consulting service that empowers people to create a life and home that they love by applying the Nine Steps to Feng Shui® System, a method that combines Modern Architecture, Ancient Feng Shui and the principles of Alternative Healing.

Watch the video to hear directly from Rebecca:

“I was drawn to you through Spirit.”

Applying Feng Shui to a Home that is not Your Forever Home

The home she rented was outdated, but Rebecca could see the potential, and the landlord was willing to make some changes, but all tasks needed to be kept under a certain budget. An interior designer was out of the question.

In her work with Moni, she started with the living room, because it was the first thing she would see when she came home. It needed to be welcoming and have a light feeling.

It was important to create a home that perfectly reflected her taste and preferences, rather than following trends, because Rebecca wasn’t interested in having to re-do her spaces every several years. It needed to look timeless.

Rebecca wanted a peaceful environment where she could relax and feel nourished and embraced after taking care of others, through her massage therapy business, all day.

She and Moni worked together to choose the colors of the paint and carpet and then added every piece of furniture to create the cocoon she wanted. Rebecca sent Moni pictures from the furniture store so she would help her choose the perfect sofas and recliner.

In the next video, Rebecca explains her motivation for investing in a home that is a rental, and thus not her forever home.

Rebecca lives in an area with long, cold winters, so it was very important to create warmth in all spaces, especially the master bedroom. She wanted her bedroom to be comfortable and cozy, but also elegant, and not too “girly.”

Rebecca arranged the bedroom to invite equality in a love relationship. She found a beautiful photograph of two peonies, the Feng Shui flower of love, to put above the headboard.

The “after” photo above came out a little dark. Take a look at a previous photo that shows the colors better.

Rebecca’s master bedroom is located in the Helpful People, Spiritual Life, and Travel area of her home, which works with the color mauve. While painting the whole room in mauve would be a bad idea (too cold), using this color for the bedspread and curtains worked out great.

The home had a dining room adjacent to the kitchen, but there was enough room inside the kitchen for a dining table and chairs, so Rebecca changed the use of the dining room to a home office. The dated wood paneling could not be replaced due to budget, so she painted it in a color that would help her relax but also focus.

The former dining room, now home office, was located in the wealth corner of the home, so Rebecca chose colors and decorations to create the feeling of walking through a forest in the season of Spring, which is the best energy to promote wealth.
Rebecca enjoyed learning at the same time that she was working in the Feng Shui Immersion Journey of her home and her soul.

After completing the Nine Steps to Feng Shui® in her rental home, Rebecca found that she no longer felt the compulsion to always move furniture around.

Before, when friends visited, she was always asking them to help move furniture. After the Feng Shui Immersion Journey, she felt free to welcome friends and connect with them.

Everyone who visits her home today comments on how beautiful it is and how peaceful it feels – they never want to leave!

Now she only changes things when circumstances in her professional or personal life change, or when she has the opportunity to add even more beauty.

Rebecca was a happy woman before her Feng Shui Immersion Journey, but after she went through this process she found that it became easier to be happy. The home started supporting her as a loving partner, instead of being a drain and a chore.

Security in Her Choices

Recently, Rebecca started feeling her living room needed an update, so she added some luxurious velvet curtains to create more contrast with her walls and furniture, for a more updated look. See below.

What’s most amazing is that, this time, she didn’t even need to check with Moni. She knew the curtains would look great before she even bought them!

Are you ready for your own awesome before and after photos?

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