The Four Pillars of Wealth in Feng Shui

Recently I shared with you my 5 tips to beat food inflation. If you didn’t catch that, or if you need a refresher, go here.

In this article I want to go further and get you started on a path to manage your home as the wealth growing partner it can be (with good Feng Shui).

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Don’t Let the External World Bring You Down

Things happen in the world, in your country, in your city – that are out of your control.

This may surprise you, but the condition of the economy, weather patterns, immigration, and the decisions governments make to try to manage human societal problems, have little to do with how well you do.

Your immediate environments, your home and neighborhood, have a much larger influence on how well you do than anything else. This has, in fact been shown in multiple studies.

Everything You Believe to Be True Shows in Your Home

Every single thing that you believe to be true about life and the world is expressed in the choices you have made at home.

Inflation is not affecting you because it’s real and it’s high. It’s affecting you because your home is telling you that you are a victim of inflation. You can tell this is true, because there are people who are thriving in the middle of high inflation rates.

Political parties and the government have no power over you, except if you have convinced yourself that they have, by how you are organizing your home, and the level of control you have over your spaces.

Happiness, Health and Freedom

In the ancient East Asian philosophy that gave rise to Feng Shui, there is no separation between health, happiness and freedom. None can exist without the other. It’s a triangle that cannot be separated.

You are the source of your well being, through your connection to both Heaven and Earth. You are the connector of Heaven and Earth. You are able to create Heaven on Earth. But in order to exercise this power you have been given, first you need to control the home.

If you control your home, you control your life and your destiny.

The Four Pillars of Wealth in Feng Shui

I’m going to teach you the basics of what you need to take care of in your home to make sure you have an environment that promotes the growth of wealth.

You need to remember these are just the basics, though.

To ensure that your wealth is encouraged and protected in every way from the changing outside environments, all of your Feng Shui needs to be in place, not just wealth and the spots I’m gonna talk about now.

Here are four things to consider when optimizing your home for wealth:

Pillar No. 1 – The Pantry

Having a full pantry at home eases the mind’s anxieties about starvation and poverty, enabling you to think more clearly and take “perfect action.”

Pillar No. 2 – The Kitchen

The kitchen represents wealth because it’s where food is produced in the home. It’s also the most expensive room.

Pillar No. 3 – The Wealth Corner

Pay attention to what happens on the back left corner of the home. That is your wealth corner. A bathroom there means “money going down the toilet.” A missing wealth corner means no matter what you do, you won’t get ahead – until you fix it.

Pillar No. 4 – Clothes Closets

Clothes have always been associated with affluence or poverty.

Keep closets decluttered and buy only clothes that give you good feedback about yourself and make you feel prosperous.

The Fifth Pillar – Do It with Guidance

Feng Shui isn’t something you can learn by googling and reading an article here and there.

Feng Shui is complex and hard to grasp.

Furthermore, there’s a lot of fake Feng Shui out there.

BE WISE. Get Help.

D.I.G. – Do It with Guidance!

Do It with Guidance!

You can’t figure out Feng Shui with random searches for videos and blogs.

Get some guidance.

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