Five Feng-Shui-Savvy Ways to Save on Food

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I’ve shared with you before how to beat food inflation by being more savvy when grocery shopping. I also shared with you the Four Feng Shui Pillars of Wealth.

Here I share with you what you may change at home to save even more!

1 – Cook More From Scratch

woman cooking

The price of buying ingredients to cook from scratch is much lower than that of convenience foods that you can just thaw out or cook in the microwave.

But in order to cook from scratch your kitchen needs to be properly designed and decorated.

A properly designed kitchen has the “work triangle.” This means that you could draw a triangle between your prep area, your sink and your stove. Does your kitchen have a “work triangle?”

Another factor in cooking more at home is the color scheme of your kitchen. All white or gray kitchens and blue kitchens tend to suppress the appetite, and, in my experience working with Feng Shui clients in consultations, they also suppress the desire to cook.

Soft earth tones are the best for kitchens.

2 – Eat Out Less

couple enjoying a meal at home

Eating out is much more expensive, and less healthy, than eating at home. Even getting takeout is cheaper than eating in the restaurant, because you save on tips.

But in order to eat more at home, you need to have a proper place to share meals with family.

So many people tell me that their dining table is covered up by a mountain of papers, while every family member heats up food and eats by themselves in their rooms or in front of the computer or TV.

If papers are a problem in your home, this is probably due to the fact that you don’t have a proper and beautiful filing cabinet. People don’t organize things except when in the presence of beauty.

Family dinners are the best way to get to know your kids. Clear up the table, file those papers, or at least do this, and start having more family dinners, seated at the table.

3 – Buy Simmer Sauces

simmer sauce in pot

Simmer sauces are a great way tp get the feeling of a restaurant experience at home. They are designed and seasoned by professional chefs, and the instructions are usually very easy to follow.

And here’s where your pantry comes in. Whether you have a separate pantry or if your pantry is made up of kitchen cabinets, you need to organize it by categories. So many people make the mistake of just stuffing things wherever they fit, when unloading grocery bags. Then you create chaos in your pantry. Designate and label pantry shelves or kitchen cabinets and only used them for the intended purpose.

4 – Go to Potlucks

potluck table

Potlucks are a fantastic way to enjoy different flavors and get ideas for new dishes.

You pay only for the dish you bring, and you get to try many different foods. It’s like going to a buffet, without the cost of one.

But to feel confident showing up at a potluck, you need to have at least one signature dish that you can take and that will delight others.

5 – Improve Your Cooking Skills

accomplished cook

If you do well cooking from books, get a couple of good ones. If you learn better by watching, buy an online course (like this one my boys and I created). And if you learn better by doing, join a live class in your community.

But in order to put what you learn in practice, you need to organize your countertops and drawers. Keep only the essential tools and condiments that you use all the time on your counters, and separate your drawers with bamboo organizers so that your utensils are separated by size or category.

The more secure you feel in the kitchen, the more you’ll cook at home and save on food costs.

Are You Ready to Create a Life and Home You Love?

Feng Shui isn’t something you can learn by googling and reading an article here and there.

Feng Shui is complex and hard to grasp.

Furthermore, there’s a lot of fake Feng Shui out there.

BE WISE. Get Help.

D.I.G. – Do It with Guidance!

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