Aspects of the Home Where You Apply the Nine Steps to Feng Shui® – The Feng Shui Focus – Episode 15

Each of the nine steps in the Nine Steps to Feng Shui® System is associated with certain aspects of the home.

For example, Step 1 deals with the shape of the floor plan and the location of bathrooms. Step 6 is about telling the right stories with art, photos and mirrors.

The Nine Steps to Feng Shui® in the Home

Watch the video below to see and hear where you act in the home when you’re applying the Nine Steps to Feng Shui® System. You will see that we present you with a clear path to follow. Whether you are working with one of our consultants to apply Feng Shui to your home, or whether you’re training to become a consultant, we got you covered.

After you watch the video, scroll down to find your homework.


These are the aspects of the home where you apply the Nine Steps to Feng Shui. 

Step One, Complete the Floor Plan, that has to do with the shape of the floor plan and the location of bathrooms. 

Step Two, Balance Extremes, has to do with hallways, staircases, ceiling height, and the level of light. 

Step Number Three, Optimize Circulation, addresses the front of the home, doors that connect to the outside, and the windows. 

Step Four, Work with Nature, has to do with windows and window treatments. 

Step Five, Harmonize Colors. Here is where we address the colors of walls, floors, ceilings, and rugs. 

Step Six, Using the Right Symbols, evaluates mirrors, photos, and art. 

Step Seven, Fix, Clear and Declutter, has to do with clearing clutter and messes. 

Step Eight, Enhance the Life Areas, deals with four corners, four midpoints, and the center of the home. 

Step Nine, Furniture Placement, is about furniture, decorations, and accessories. 

Applying Feng Shui to a Home Means More than the Life Areas

Sometimes people tell me that they have completely “feng-shuied” their home. What they mean by this, is that they have cures for the life areas in all the rooms according to the bagua map.

As you can see in the video above, there’s a lot more to Feng Shui that just enhancing the life areas. In fact, applying cures for the life areas is Step 8. There are many other things to do.

Applying Feng Shui to your home is a process that takes time!

The Feng Shui Focus – How You Fit, Function and Flourish in Your Space

With the Feng Shui Focus One Minute Videos, you will have a new understanding of life.

Your Homework for Video 15

Answer these questions below using the “reply” feature:

1 – Where you surprised to see that to have proper Feng Shui you need to look at many features in the home and not just look at the bagua map?

2 – Of the nine aspects of the home where you apply Feng Shui, what is your biggest challenge? (photos, clutter, windows, etc.)

3 – What are the spaces in your home that you feel are “just right?”

Everything You Believe to Be True About Life is Expressed in Your Home

You affect your home and your home, in turn, has an effect on you. You establish a close relationship with your place.

This relationship may be positive or negative, but it’s never neutral.

Feng Shui – applied the right way – gives you control over what your home tells you, and whether your home is your supportive partner or a constant drain.

Let the home take care of you by applying the Nine Steps to Feng Shui® System with Moni.

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