The Two Gifts You Got at Birth – Feng Shui Focus Episode 22

As a human being, you have a two-part soul. Your soul is made up of a gift from Heaven and a gift from the Earth.

You are a spiritual being. The gift that Heaven gave you is the ability to come into this physical reality we live in, and inhabit a body. The body is the gift from the Earth.

Together, your spirit and your body form your human soul — who you are as a human being.

Your home is also a two-part entity — a symbiotic being composed of the structure of the physical building and the people who inhabit it.

Spirit — The Gift from Heaven

When you refer to yourself with the words “I” or “me,” you’re not talking about your mind. Your mind is a tool you use to form, connect and develop thought processes.

Who you really are is a spiritual being. You are the gift that Heaven sent to the earth. The gift Heaven gives you is the ability to go inside a body and operate it.

Heavenly Fire

Heaven gives you “Heavenly Fire,” which is the energy that allows your spiritual nature to exist in this reality.

To inhabit your body, you have to condense your energy. The only place in your body you can inhabit without disturbing your spiritual essence are the hollow chambers in your heart. This is the reason why so many people when they want to emphasize the word “I” instinctively put one or two hands on their heart.

The heart is considered the Emperor of your body.

As your energy condenses, it occupies the liver. The liver is the seat of compassion and benevolence. The liver is the “right hand” of the heart. It’s considered the General of your body.

You Are a Gift to Your Home

Your home can’t take care of itself. Without you, it would quickly decay, nature would overtake it.

Your home has daily needs, weekly needs, monthly needs, seasonal needs, yearly needs.

If you have an awareness of everything your home needs, it becomes much easier to take care of it. It’s similar to taking care of your car. The manufacturer gives you a maintenance schedule. If you follow it, chances are that your car will last longer and will give you no troubles.

By the same token, if you have a schedule for the tasks your home requires, your home will rarely give you trouble. And, you don’t have to do it all yourself. You may distribute tasks among family members, or plan to get paid help.

The Body, the Gift from the Earth

You aren’t your body. You have a body. The body allows you to live a spiritual experience in our physical reality.

You have a body, and you have a mind. You connect your body and your mind through your emotions.

Emotions are what makes you human. To have emotions, you need a mind and your need a body. Through these your express your spirit.

Energetic Water

The Earth gives you “Energetic Water” — your body.

The human body is mostly made of water (60%). Your brain (73% water) controls your body through the nervous system. Your nerves, an expression of heavenly fire, deliver the orders from the brain to your whole body.

Water and fire don’t mix, but in your body, they work seamlessly. That’s why we say human beings are “the alchemical and mysterious combination of heavenly fire and energetic water.”

The gift of the earth gives you survival instinct, expressed mainly in your lungs (who have the function of the Prime Minister in the body). Your survival also depends on your ability to digest food, expressed in your stomach (considered the Secretary of Agriculture in your body), and your ability to excrete that which doesn’t serve you, expressed in the large intestine.

Your Home Is Your Gift From Humanity

It’s unlikely you received your home as a gift. You either paid for it in cash, pay a mortgage every month, or you pay rent.

However, you didn’t build your own home. Even if you are a contractor, you had to get help from other people to build your home. Someone did the tiling, someone put up the roof. Thousands of people were involved in extracting, processing and transporting the materials that make up your home.

This is the power of living in a human society — you don’t have to do everything yourself.

The modern homes we live in, with appliances, temperature control, comfortable furniture, are the product of community. In this sense, your home is a gift to your from humanity.

The Two Gifts You Got at Birth

The two gifts you got at birth — the ability to occupy a body and the body itself — are what makes it possible for you to connect heaven and earth.

Watch the video below and then scroll down to answer the questions.


Human beings, as the connectors of Heaven and Earth, have received two gifts. 

First is the gift of the spirit – when you say ‘I’ to refer to the spiritual being that you are, that is the gift of the spirit. 

And the gift of the Earth is the body.

A person is made up of a heavenly spirit and an earthly body.

These gifts aren’t given to you once and forgotten.

The Earth is constantly giving you what you need to support your body and be healthy.  

And Heaven is constantly giving you everything that you need to be happy. 

You have the support of both Heaven and Earth to help you succeed.

Because you came here with purposes, or Life Missions, that Heaven, Earth, and yourself want to see fulfilled. 

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Your Homework for Video 22

1 – Did you at any point believe that your soul, your spirit, and your mind were the same thing?

2 – Where you surprised to learn that your body is governed like a monarchy, with an emperor, a general, a prime minister, and a secretary of agriculture?

3 – How good are you at defending yourself when you feel threatened?

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This relationship may be positive or negative, but it’s never neutral.

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