Destiny Is Not Fate but Potential – Feng Shui Focus Episode 24

In our Western culture, the word destiny is a synonym of the word fate.

We think of destiny as something that wasn’t decided by us, but by some external force. Many think that this force toys with us — it gets our hopes up only to crush them.

Some people think that no matter what they do, they can’t change their destiny and what “is written” or is meant to happen, will happen.

In Feng Shui and ancient East Asian philosophy, Destiny is seen as Potential.

Destiny is your potential to become everything you were meant to be and to accomplish everything you came to do.

Your home also has a Destiny, with is its Potential to become the best home it can be.

You Came to Life with a Seed

When Heaven sent you to this physical reality to experience life as a human being, it created a Seed.

Your seed is an energetic recording of a customized design for you life that would give you every opportunity to fulfill your life missions.

The seed holds all the experiences you accumulated before conception. This includes your inheritance through DNA and any energetic patterns and imprints you picked up from your family of origin. If you believe in past lives, this would include your past life experiences too.

The Seed of Your Home

The home you live in started out as an idea in someone’s mind, then that idea was transferred into a blue print, then into a building project that resulted in your place.

You May Only Become What You Were Designed to Be

When you plant an oak seed you can only expect to see an oak grow. When you plant a pine tree you can only expect to see a pine tree grow. The tree may be strong and magnificent, or it may be weak and struggling, but it can only be the tree that the seed was for.

By the same token, your seed can only produce the most authentic you. Any time you try to be somebody else and you don’t embrace fully who you are, you are wasting your time, your energy, and getting farther from fulfilling your life missions.

Your Home Has Limits

Your home is the size it is, and it has a certain layout, and a set number of floors. Even if you expand, there are limits to what you can do, set by the size of the lot and the proximity of the neighbors.

Rather than focusing on the limits of the home, work within those limits to make it the best place it can be. If you are unhappy with the size of rooms, play with the colors, the type and size of furniture, and the number of pieces you include in every room. Use mirrors and images of open landscapes to create the illusion of space.

Feng Shui empowers you to make the most of every aspect of your home so that your space serves your needs and desires, and those of your family members.

Few People Reach Their Full Potential

Most people fall short of becoming all they could become and doing all that they could do. This happens because society is constantly encouraging you to not be yourself.

Marketing messages are constantly telling you that you are not enough, that you don’t have enough, that you are not doing enough. When you believe those messages, you stray away from being yourself, and you miss out on developing your own character, your abilities, and your talents.

Homes Without Feng Shui Don’t Stand a Chance

The potential of your home for beauty, comfort and good energy can only be realized through the application of Feng Shui principles.

Some people have good space instincts and create awesome homes even without knowledge of Feng Shui. However, even the best designers make mistakes without proper guidance.

When you apply the Nine Steps to Feng Shui® System to a home, there’s nothing that escapes your notice, and you can really turn that space into a dream home.

Your Will Is God’s Will

Because you made a pact with Heaven, and you both agreed as to what would be your life missions and which tools you would be given once here, your will is God’s will, and God’s will is your will.

In Western culture, we are told that in order to please God we have to work against our nature and surrender to God’s will. We may miss out on happiness, but will have the satisfaction of doing what’s right.

Your Home Can Be Your Best Ally

It’s easy to look for flaws in your home. It’s easy to focus only on the things that make you unhappy about the place you live in. Focusing on problems makes it easy for you to make excuses as to why your life isn’t the way you would like it to be.

You can blame your home for how little enjoyment you get out of it, or you can use Feng Shui to turn your home into a supportive partner that empowers you to achieve everything you want to achieve!

Heaven Wants You Happy and Healthy

You came here with missions, things to do for yourself and things to do for others. Your best chance of doing everything you came to do is from a position of happiness and health.

Heaven wants you to be well, so that you get to realize your full potential.

Your Home as its Own Entity

As human beings and pets charge a home with energy, a home acquires a soul of its own. A home’s mission, or destiny, is fulfilled when it houses happy people who take good care of it.

Everyone establishes a symbiotic relationship with their home. There’s always a feedback loop. The home is either helping you or it is hurting you. It’s up to you to decide the quality of your relationship with your home.

Destiny Is Not Fate but Potential

Watch the video below, then scroll down to answer the questions.


When you come into life as a human being, you come with Life Missions – which are part of your contract with Heaven – and you are provided with a Seed –  which is the life circumstances – to help you fulfill that contract. 

The Seed is ever changing to adapt to the circumstances of your life. 

The word ‘destiny’ in Chinese doesn’t mean fate understood as something predetermined and over which you have no control – but rather, potential. 

Ming, or destiny, is your potential to fulfill your contract with Heaven from a state of happiness and health. 

The healthier and happier you are, the more likely you are to be to fulfill your Life Missions. 

Your potential is to fulfill your Life Missions, but how successful you are depends on the choices that you make with your free will. 

The Feng Shui Focus – How You Fit, Function and Flourish in Your Space

With the Feng Shui Focus One Minute Videos, you will have a new understanding of life.

Your Homework for Video 24

1 – Have you ever been drawn to do particular things in your life that didn’t completely make sense at the time, but later on you concluded you were meant to do them?

2 – What areas of your life do you feel you’re doing well on?

3 – Which areas of your life do you feel that have room for improvement?

Everything You Believe to Be True About Life is Expressed in Your Home

You affect your home and your home, in turn, has an effect on you. You establish a feedback loop with your place.

The feedback loop may be positive or negative, but it’s never neutral.

Feng Shui – applied the right way – gives you control over what your home tells you, and whether your home is your supportive partner or a constant drain.

Let the home take care of you by applying the Nine Steps to Feng Shui® System with Moni.

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