9 Steps for Your Home to Transform You – Feng Shui Focus Episode 27

As a human being, you need to be a connector of Heaven and Earth, but this is not an easy thing to do.

As a child, instinct and desire ruled you. You had to learn to adapt to the requirements of your family and society in order to stay alive and do well. During this process of domestication and civilization you went through, you lost some of your spontaneity and authenticity. You became a people pleaser.

To get back to your authentic you, and all people, need to go through nine transformations.

Most people stumble their way through life without guidance, and achieve some of these transformations by chance.

The Nine Steps to Feng Shui® System provides you with perhaps the easiest way to build back the authentic you.

The process is easy, because you focus on improving your home. Gradually, as your home becomes more beautiful, comfortable, and full of good energy, you become a happier and more fulfilled person.

Physical, Emotional and Mental

Everything in your life happens in the physical, emotional and mental planes of existence. In your home, there are aspects of Feng Shui that also correspond to each of these planes.

Completing the floor plan, balancing extremes, and making sure there’s plenty of chi energy in the home are physical aspects of Feng Shui. These are things that depend on the architecture of the place, in other words, how it was built.

The emotional side of Feng Shui is expressed in the interior design of a home, mainly on mirrors, art and family photos, as well as wall colors and window treatments. These are major decisions that are made regarding the materials and colors of large surfaces (floors, walls and ceilings) and the items you place on your walls.

The mental side of Feng Shui is associated with the most easily movable things in your home, mainly furniture and accessories.

9 Steps for Your Home to Transform You – Feng Shui Focus Episode 27

Watch the video below and then scroll down to answer the questions.


When we’re applying the Nine Steps to Feng Shui® to a building, we have three steps that have to do with the physical aspects of the building – in other words, the Architecture. 

We have three steps having to do with the emotional aspects of a space – which have to do with the Interior Design. 

And then we have three steps associated with the mental – Idea – aspects of the building, which are associated with Furniture and Accessories. 

Just like the Nine Steps apply to a building, they also apply to the person, and every person needs to go through nine transformations to create Heaven on Earth. 

So you also have nine steps for the person, which we call the Nine Transformations – three that have to do with attitudes for the Earth level of existence, three that have to do with emotions for the Humankind level of existence, and three that have to do with thoughts for the Heaven level of existence. 

People who work with the Nine Steps to Feng Shui® System, as they apply the Nine Steps to their homes, they experience nine transformations in their lives. 

The Feng Shui Focus – How You Fit, Function and Flourish in Your Space

With the Feng Shui Focus One Minute Videos, you will have a new understanding of life.

Your Homework for Video 27

1 – How satisfied are you with the general layout of your home? Do you wish that any of the rooms was located in a different spot?

2 – How confident are you regarding your choices of art? Do you think of art as just decorations, making sure the motifs and the colors match the room, or are you concerned with the deep messages of art?

3 – How often do you move your furniture around? Are you content with moving some things once or twice a year, or are you constantly shifting things in all the rooms?

Everything You Believe to Be True About Life is Expressed in Your Home

You affect your home and your home, in turn, has an effect on you. You establish a close relationship with your place.

This relationship may be positive or negative, but it’s never neutral.

Feng Shui – applied the right way – gives you control over what your home tells you, and whether your home is your supportive partner or a constant drain.

Let the home take care of you by applying the Nine Steps to Feng Shui® System with Moni.

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