The Main Function of a Human Being – Feng Shui Focus Episode 26

Every person has come to this life time with specific purposes for themselves and things that they were asked to do for others.

However, there’s a common denominator in the life missions of all human beings, and that is the process by which manifesting Heaven on Earth happens.

There’s Only One Way to Create Heaven on Earth

Think about a time when you did something you felt proud of. I bet it started off as an idea, then you motivated yourself to find ways to make that idea into a reality. Finally, you took the right actions to make that happen.

For example, you may have once stood inside a room that needed painting. First, you visualized the color you wanted on the walls. The desire to have a nicer room motivated you to go to the paint store, choose and buy the paint, brushes and trays. Once back home, you still had that wish to make the room prettier, plus a desire to not let the materials you bought go to waste. These emotions propelled you into action. When the room was painted, you could see your dream of a nicer room become a reality. This brought you great satisfaction.

It’s the same with everything you set out to do in life.

Things Turn Out Better if They Start with a Good Idea

Many self-help gurus tell you that you need to train yourself to only have positive thoughts and feelings in order to “manifest” what you want in life.

While I agree that it’s a good idea to promote positive thoughts, the mind will often engage in negative thoughts. Instead of trying to suppress those, you may just choose to dismiss them, and move on.

Every person has a myriad of thoughts every day. Many of those thoughts are random and not helpful. Most thoughts are disconnected from each outher and ultimately unproductive.

If you haven’t learned to get to manage thoughts, you become a victim to your mind. Part of managing your thoughts is the ability to dismiss those that don’t really matter. Another important aspect of mind management is to have periods of time when you let your brain rest. Some people achieve this through sitting meditation and rigorous discipline. For other people, the way to quiet the mind is to go for a walk or engage on a manual activity that is relaxing to the mind — such as gardening.

Spending some time evaluating your day before you go to sleep and planning your day in the morning helps organize your thoughts.

If you establish clear goals, your thoughts can help you accomplish those goals.

When you wait to be inspired by Heaven before you act, your actions tend to provide better results.

It is true that you, as a spiritual being, are able to manifest reality, and that it starts with positive thoughts. Those thoughts, however, have to be followed by the right emotions, in order to become decisions that lead to actions.

Emotions Are the Motivators

Emotions are what unites thoughts and actions. They are the connectors between those ideas and the final results.

Emotions and feelings are the motivators that take you from the thought or imagination to the right actions.

It’s also a good idea to encourage positive emotions and discourage the engagement in negative emotions. However, it is normal and natural to have negative emotions. Repressing negative emotions is not the answer. After all, the creation of reality is not only fueled by positive emotions. In fact, learning to channel negative emotions into actions is a very healthy way to process them and release disturbed energy from the body.

For example, one day when you come home you notice your door has gotten dirty. This elicits embarrassment. That embarrassment can propel you to take action and clean that door. Once started with that one door, you might continue on to clean more doors.

Maybe when you are using a social media app, you get angry about what someone else is saying or doing. You may use that anger to participate in a grass roots group focused on bettering your community.

All emotions can give us energy to get things done. You just have to learn how to direct that energy in ways that are creative and not destructive.

The Main Function of a Human Being – Feng Shui Focus Episode 26

Watch this video and then scroll down to answer some questions:


This is the main function of a human being: to get inspired with Ideas from Heaven, and get motivated through positive Emotions, to Act on the physical realm, in order to create Heaven on Earth. 

So you have to get the right Ideas, motivate yourself with positive Emotions, in order to make the right decisions and take the right actions, and that is what creates Heaven on Earth. 

This is the function of any human being, of all human beings. 

But what those right Ideas, what those positive Emotions are, and what the right Actions are – that is specific to the individual. 

That is connected to the individual’s contract with Heaven, and their specific Life Missions – the things that they came to do for themselves, and the things that they have been asked to do for others.

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Your Homework for Video 26

1 – Can you think of three instances in your life when you accomplished something that made you feel proud? Can you see how these deeds followed the order of coming up with an idea, then getting motivated through emotions to take action?

2 – Have you, in the past, listened to self-help gurus and tried to repress negative emotions and only allow positive emotions? What were the results of this practice? Did denying negative emotions make them disappear?

3 – What are the things that you find hardest to do on a regular basis? What emotions, positive or negative, might help propel you into action?

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