This Happens to You if You Floor Plan is Incomplete

This Happens to You if You Floor Plan is Incomplete

Something happens to you when the floor plan of your place is incomplete.

A complete floor plan is rectangular or square. Any other shape is incomplete.

When you apply the bagua map to an incomplete floor plan, some life areas are on the outside.

This gives you the impression that things are missing from your life.

As a consequence – when things don’t go well for you – you make excuses instead of making plans. You blame yourself or others instead of planning and implementing a strategy to succeed.

When you complete the floor plan of your home, on the inside and the outside, your home helps you live a life of strategy.

The 3 Superpowers of Your Home

There are hundreds of other Feng Shui issues, like the one we explored above, that may be found in a home. They all can create negative effects in you and the members of your family. This can feel overwhelming. However, if you are able to group all Feng Shui problems into 3 main categories:

  • Problems around safety.
  • Problems that trigger conflicts.
  • Problems that keep you stuck and hold you back.

Then it all becomes easier, because you are able to activate:

  • Feelings of safety, security and confidence.
  • Greater harmony, so everyone gets along.
  • Clear focus, healthy goals and empowerment.

By using my simple signature method to activate The 3 Superpowers of Your Home you can turn your home into a dream home that becomes your helper instead of your drain. Take this free class to learn just how to do this! GET INSTANT ACCESS HERE…

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