This Happens to You When Your Ceilings are Low

a room possibly in a basement, with low ceilings and an exposed beam. Low ceiling feel oppressing to most people.

This Happens to You When Your Ceilings are Low

Ceilings that are low feel oppressive, just as high ceilings feel expansive.

What is considered a low ceiling?

The standard height of a ceiling is around 8 ft. The minimum ceiling height allowed in the US is 7.5 ft.

However, the standard height of ceilings in new construction is 9 ft. In high end homes it’s not uncommon to find ceilings that are 12 ft high.

And, in some older homes, you frequently find ceilings that are 7 ft or lower, especially in converted attics and basements.

Whether a ceiling feels too long often depends on how big the room is.

A very large living room with a 9 ft. ceiling may give you the feeling that the ceiling is low, while a 9 ft. ceiling in a small office may give you the feeling that the ceiling is too high!

Consider your feelings

Ultimately, you’re dealing with a ceiling that is too low if it feels too low to you.

A low ceiling can make you feel as if some impending danger is looming over you.

It’s a problem of imbalance

A low ceiling lacks balance and to fix it you need to use Feng Shui tricks to make it feel like the ceiling is not so low.

We do this through the choice of colors, light fixtures and furniture.

For example, embedded ceiling lights are a much better choice than chandeliers for a room with low ceilings. Light, small, low furniture works better than dark, bulky furniture.

Depending on the size of the room and the kind of ceiling finish, there are other things you can do to balance the energies of yin and yang.

The 3 Superpowers of Your Home

There are hundreds of other Feng Shui issues, like the one we explored above, that may be found in a home. They all can create negative effects in you and the members of your family. This can feel overwhelming. However, if you are able to group all Feng Shui problems into 3 main categories:

  • Features that challenge safety.
  • Issues that trigger conflicts.
  • Problems that keep you stuck and hold you back.

Then it all becomes easier, because you are able to activate:

  • Feelings of safety, security and confidence.
  • Greater harmony, so everyone gets along.
  • Clear focus, healthy goals and empowerment.

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