This Happens When You Have a Front Door Facing Stairs

a front door in a foyer that faces a staircase going up is bad Feng Shui

This Happens When You Have a Front Door Facing Stairs

If the first thing you see when you open your front door is a staircase going up, you are very likely to feel like life is constant hard work.

This happens to you because going up the stairs is work.

As you age, it becomes harder for you to go upstairs.

This is why when you see a staircase going up, life seems like a constant struggle . And, it is likely to get worse over time.

This is true even if the staircase isn’t facing the front door directly. It’s true as long as it is still the first thing you see when you come in!

More than perception

You want to make sure that chi, the life force, flows smoothly throughout your home. This is very hard to do when you have a staircase facing the front door.

Staircases are waterfalls of chi and when stairs face a door leading to the outside, chi rushes outside of the home.

If you live in a home where the front door faces stairs going up, you probably often feel tired when you’re home.

When you’re out and about you have plans to get a lot of things done, but once you’re home, you feel you just don’t have the energy. 

How to correct a front door facing stairs that are going up

If you have a door facing a staircase that is going up, you don’t have to remodel to have good Feng Shui.

You correct a door facing stairs by:

  • guiding your eyes away from the stairs and toward something that is bright and beautiful
  • placing art on the side wall or walls of the staircase in a way that increases a sense of balance
  • hanging a crystal or a crystal chandelier in the foyer in a position that channels the chi in a healthy way, preventing it from exiting the home

By using these simple Feng Shui cures you can:

  • feel like life is easy, and
  • you can have lots of energy to do the things that you need to do and the things that you would love to do

With the Nine Steps to Feng Shui® System you really can have your cake and eat it too!

The 3 Superpowers of Your Home

There are hundreds of other Feng Shui issues, like the one we explored above, that may be found in a home. They all can create negative effects in you and the members of your family. This can feel overwhelming. However, if you are able to group all Feng Shui problems into 3 main categories:

  • Features that challenge safety.
  • Issues that trigger conflicts.
  • Problems that keep you stuck and hold you back.

Then it all becomes easier, because you are able to activate:

  • Feelings of safety, security and confidence.
  • Greater harmony, so everyone gets along.
  • Clear focus, healthy goals and empowerment.

By using my simple signature method to activate The 3 Superpowers of Your Home you can turn your home into a dream home that becomes your helper instead of your drain. Take this free class to learn just how to do this! GET INSTANT ACCESS HERE…

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