The Meaning of Art in Feng Shui

In our Western culture, art is about beauty and message.

For many people, the only reason they get a piece of art is because they want to increase the beauty in their home or in their business place.

Art Always Has a Message

A lot of people also look at the message. What kind of message is this type of art giving me?

So, we’re usually focused on those two things, the beauty and the message.

Now, there’s a lot of our Western art, abstract art, expressionist art, that is actually not beautiful, right?

However, it has a lot of meaning. It has an important message.

Art in Our Western Culture

So, we can have the beauty and the good message, or we can have a lack of beauty with an important message. That is the meaning of art in our Western culture.

The Feng Shui Meaning of Art

The Feng Shui meaning is a little bit different. The Feng Shui meaning of art has to do with the word “correction.”

We use art in Feng Shui in order to correct situations that are happening in your home.

In Feng Shui, Art is Used to Correct the Spaces in Your Home

For example, we might use art to solve the problem of having a room in your home that doesn’t have a window, or doesn’t have a big enough window, or you do have a window but the view is an eyesore.

You may also use art in Feng Shui to bring more vitality, energy, and contrast to a space that is bland or dark.

For example, you might also use art in Feng Shui to create a feeling of space in places that are cramped. In that case, you would use different colors, you would use different motifs, and you would also choose different sizes, according to what the need is.

But in Feng Shui, the meaning of art is correcting. Correcting your spaces to make them feel and look more like harmonious, beautiful, natural spaces where you can thrive.

But Not Just Any Feng Shui!

Many Feng Shui consultants use art and decorations that come from traditional practices from other cultures. While the art and decorations look great in East Asian decor, they may clash with your home decor. When people come visit, they may go “Huh?” instead of going “Wow!” or “Ahh!”

At Feng Shui for Us, we do things differently. Moni’s background in modern architecture and art studies enables her to help you choose the art that is perfect for your home and that will complement your home decor to create amazing effects.

Your Dream Home is One Conversation Away!

Book a call with one of our team members to see how you can turn your current home into a dream home with Moni’s guidance. Our proprietary Nine Steps to Feng Shui® System combines Moni’s training in Modern Architecture with Feng Shui, the ancient art of placement, to create environments that are beautiful, comfortable and full of great energy.

The result of working with Moni in the Feng Shui Immersion Journey is a happy life in a home that makes you proud

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