The Meaning of Water Features in Feng Shui

The Meaning of Water Features in the West

The Western meaning of water features is to bring in the sounds of running water, which is a positive sound from nature. It is also to create beauty, and in the case of open water features, to release negative ions into the home or the business.

You are adding water because it gives you a sense of peace, because it helps you stay connected with nature, and those are all good things. However, the Feng Shui meaning of water features goes much deeper than that.

The Meaning of Water Features in Feng Shui

The Feng Shui meaning of water features has to do with money, flow, currency.

In Feng Shui, we use water features, images of waterfalls, brooks, streams, the ocean, or water fountains, or like in this case, a water feature that is not a fountain.

We use all of these to symbolize abundance.

Just like abundance may be coming into your home or work or business, the abundance can be flowing out of your home or your place of business.

The Location of Water Features Matters

And so, you have to learn exactly where to put your water features, and on which wall.

Should it be on the wall that shares the door? Should it be on the wall opposite the door?

Those are things you need to learn so that you can manage your connection to a sense of abundance, and your connection with what many have called the divine providence, in a way that is healthy for you and that is going to benefit everybody in your household or in your business.

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