The Meaning of Cushions in Feng Shui

The Meaning of Cushions in the West

In the West, we use cushions as decorations to complement a sofa or any kind of chair. We also use them for support. You can put the cushion behind you to give you back support.

Sometimes, you hug a cushion to give you a sense of comfort.

The functions of cushions in your home are decorative, and they also have to do with being cozy and having comfort.

In Feng Shui, the function of cushions goes a little bit deeper.

The Meaning of Cushions in Feng Shui

In Feng Shui we use cushions to hold energy.

For example, we can make color corrections by using cushions. If a room has too much of one color, you can use a cushion to control the excess of that color. You can also use a cushion to complement the colors that you already have.

And of course, there’s a function of comfort with your cushions.

Holding Energy

Mostly, we use cushions to hold energy in a room because usually you can have more bold patterns and textures in a cushion than you would have on your main chair or sofa.

Chi Follows Attention

The life force is the Chi. Chi follows attention.

So, we choose carefully the patterns, the textures, and the colors of cushions depending on where your living or family room is located in the home to make sure that it gives you good feedback, and that you are able to keep that room charged with positive energy. The meaning and purpose of cushions is to call attention!

The Feng Shui Meaning of Cushions

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