The Meaning of Lamps in Feng Shui

The Meaning of Lamps in the West

In our Western world, lamps have specific meanings.

Lamps Give Us Light

Lamps are mainly there to give you light, but not just any light. Lamps are there to give you a more subdued kind of light than you get from overhead light bulbs or light fixtures.

Lamps Decorate Our Space

Lamps are also there for decoration and to give you a sense of status.

You buy a Tiffany lamp, for example, and that raises your status because there is an association of design in it.

What’s The Feng Shui Meaning of Lamps?

Because there is an association with design and expense and being stylish, The Feng Shui meaning of lamps goes deeper than that.

Lamps Create Mood

In feng shui, in addition to bringing in light to a space that needs more light and to creating a mood with a particular kind of lampshade, we also use lamps to correct qi problems.

Lamps Help Chi to Circulate

Chi is the life force, and chi can get stagnated in certain places, and so we use lamps in those places to make sure that qi keeps circulating, keeps moving.

The Height of Lamps

We also use different heights of lights to create different possibilities of moods in a family room or a living room, and we choose lamps carefully to be able to have a huge versatility of how much light we can have in any room at any given time.

Why Do We Use Lamps?

So, we use lamps to stir up chi, we use lamps to prevent stagnation, we use lamps to give us versatility.

The Feng Shui Meaning of Lamps

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