The Meaning of Curtains in Feng Shui

In the West we see curtains as a way to cover up a window, and for that reason many people in the United States do not like curtains.

Americans Generally Don’t Like Curtains

They say that they don’t want to have curtains because they don’t want to deprive their home of light, or they will say they don’t want to have curtains because they want to be able to look at the beautiful views outside.

In Feng Shui There is a Deeper Meaning to Curtains

But that is just one function of curtains. In Feng Shui, we look at the much deeper functions of curtains.

The function of curtains is control.

In the Nine Steps to Feng Shui©, we see that the main function of a curtain is control.

You are not just using your curtains to cover up the windows, you’re using them to have control.

Control How Much Light Comes in Through Your Windows

With my curtains, I can control how much sunshine and how much light comes into my home at any time of the day, and because my curtains open and close in less than a second, that gives me a lot of control.

Curtains Affect Your Relationship with Nature

If you do not have curtains and blinds or a type of window treatment that you can open and close at will, you are not going to have a good relationship with nature.

A bad relationship with nature results in not having good luck.

To Have Good Luck, Use Curtains!

So, it’s very important that you have proper types of window treatments in your home.

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