The Meaning of Chairs in Feng Shui

In the west, chairs are places where we can rest our behinds, so that we can work, so that we can eat, so that we can watch a movie. They are places to rest, right? So that part of your body rests, while other parts of your body and your mind stay active.

How Do You Use Chairs?

You have a chair to sit at your desk. You have a chair to sit and have your dinner, and all these things are very positive.

However, in the United States some people are no longer using chairs. They’re using benches or stools to sit down to dinner. And let me tell you, benches, those are okay for cafeterias or prisons, and stools — those are OK for bars — but at home use a chair.

How Do You Treat Yourself?

In Feng Shui, we look at chairs as the way you treat yourself.

When I go in to do a consultation, I take a very good look at what types of chairs people are using for what kinds of activities in their homes.

A Chair Shows How You Treat Yourself

A chair shows how you treat yourself. Is it comfortable? Is it in good condition? Is it easy to move? Is it in a good color?

Is your chair padded? Is it on casters? Does it have armrests?

All of that is super important in determining how you are treating yourself.

Feng Shui Can Help You Get That Place of Rest

And speaking of rest, The Nine Steps to Feng Shui® System, which is a method I created to learn and practice Feng Shui, can give you that place of rest.

Treat Yourself Well by Using The Nine Steps to Feng Shui® System!

You can finally start working on improving the look, the beauty, the comfort, and the energy of your home in a way that is reliable and that is going to show you that you are treating yourself well because you are investing your time, your energy, your resources in making sure your home has good Feng Shui.

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