Clearing Negative Energies and Frequencies from Real Estate

Simply put, sometimes, businesses do not sell because they have “bad energy.” Something doesn’t feel right when people walk through the door, and it discourages them from making an offer. It can also happen that people perceive this “weirdness” from just looking at the online listing or the photos in the paper.

Some sources of bad energy that can affect the sale of a home or business building are:

  • Negative energy left by the previous occupants (bankruptcy, divorce, long agony, suicide, or violent death)
  • A refusal from a family member, or even a pet, to let go of the property.
  • Desperation to sell (this is a big one)!
  • Lingering presences from people who have died, or from current owners who believe a loved one who passed away is “still there.”

Clearing can be done on site, or “by proxy.” Moni can guide you as you do the clearing, or, if it resonates with your belief system, you can agree to have Moni do the clearing long distance.

An on site clearing costs $360. A “by proxy” clearing costs $180. A long distance clearing costs $90.

Please contact Moni at 1-865-973-1475 to get an invoice for your Feng Shui Real Estate Clearing.

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