Feng Shui Business Coaching Consultation

  • Is your business heading in the direction you would like it to go?
  • Do you feel like your business is not reaching its full potential?
  • Would you like to increase efficiency, productivity and profits?

Feng Shui has been helping Asian businesses succeed for thousands of years. In fact, this art of space arrangement first came to the attention of Western culture when American and European CEOs came back to their countries of origin after having spent several years in Hong Kong, and seeing Feng Shui and its benefits in action. Back home, they wanted to implement the same strategies that helped their business enterprises succeed in the Far East.

Every business is unique, so all Feng Shui Business Consultations are customized for your particular case.

How long does it take?

Businesses are required to enter a 9 month agreement.

How Much Does a Feng Shui Consultation with Moni Cost?

The cost of a Feng Shui Business Consultation is $100 per month.

How are Business Feng Shui Consultations done?

Consultations are done via a Secret Facebook group that only Moni and the client can see.

Moni uses her Nine Steps to Feng Shui® System in all consultations.

In a Business Feng Shui Consultation, each month is devoted to one step in the system:

The consultation is done via Facebook (preferred) or WhatsApp, and it lasts 9 months. We devote one month to each step in the Nine Steps to Feng Shui® System. Moni only gives you one task at a time. You must commit to applying the recommended cures within a week each, so we can move along at the proper speed.

You must also assign a budget of at least $900 (total) for cures and enhancements in your business (though we will aim at spending less). This includes special cures and the right artwork, ornaments, plants, etc.

Month 1: Complete the floor plan inside and outside. Make sure your online spaces are complete and connected. Completing and making coherent the combination of business name, logo, tagline and slogans.
Month 2: Balance yin and yang in the business building. Keeping a healthy balance as a business owner/manager in order to be smarter and more productive in business.
Month 3: Make sure chi (the life force) arrives at the door and then moves properly.
Month 4: Establish a good connection with nature to increase productivity and well being. Set up systems for working with nature and tuning into the right timing for offers and special deals.
Month 5: Harmonize the five elements: water, wood, fire, earth, metal. Water rules money. Wood rules business growth. Fire rules business reputation and exposure. Earth rules relations with customers and among business partners. Metal rules team work and employees.
Month 6: Creating auspicious marketing language and sales language, to be expressed in the building and in the online spaces.
Month 7: Learning how to clear stagnant energies and bad energies form the business and its building.
Month 8: Giving the business clear goals and setting reminders of those goals in the building and online spaces.
Month 9: Empowering the business. (Here we look at the manager’s office and at employee comfort)

Other services provided are:

  • Choice of business name $90
  • Logo evaluation $90
  • Website evaluation $270
  • Color scheme evaluation (website and one physical location) $360

Please contact Moni at 1-865-973-1475 to get an estimate if your business site, or to get an invoice for your consultation.

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