Feng Shui Cure for Couples – Peonies Image to Place Over the Headboard

Clients often ask me what they can hang over their headboard that will be good Feng Shui. For an image placed over the headboard to be Feng-Shui-Correct it has to be light enough that it would not hurt people if it fell, so large images with heavy frames are a no-no. The image also needs to be auspicious for couples. This means it should promote equality, beauty and communication.

People make many mistakes when choosing what to put on the wall behind their headboard in the master bedroom. 

These are some common mistakes:

  • Placing an image of a single item (not good unless you want to be single).
  • Hanging artwork in a heavy frame and (worse) with glass on it.
  • Having a trio (are you looking for a threesome or a love triangle?). 
  • Even worse than above, images of multiple items.
  • A blank wall.

What you put behind your headboard needs to be:

  • Light in weight and soft, so if it ever fell, it couldn’t possibly hurt anyone.
  • Representative of love.
  • Emphasizing the number two (to enforce the couple idea).
  • In earth or skin colors, with a splash of fire colors. 

So many of my clients have told me that they have a hard time finding an image that meets all those requirements, that I created this image on my RedBubble store:

peonies feng shui flowers for love


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