Feng Shui Gratitude Box | Processing Your Fears

The Feng Shui Gratitude Box is a tool to help you live a life free of fears. It may feel like magic, but then again, magic is simply science that is not yet understood.

Take 10 minutes to read through this page and learn how to process your fears so they don’t come back again. (If you just clear your fears, they can come back!)

When you’re afraid, the part of your nervous system commonly known as fight or flight (and also freeze and fawn) shuts down the part of your nervous system that controls growth, healing, and clear thinking.

It is literally impossible for you to think clearly and come up with good solutions to the problems you face when you allow fear to take hold.

Transform Your Fears Into Gratitude

Here I’m going to teach you a process on how to handle fears so they no longer dominate your life.

By applying this process you’ll manage to transform, or transmute, your fears into gratitude.

Transmute means to change or alter in form, appearance, or nature and especially to a higher form.

When you are able to turn your fears into feelings of gratitude, the part of your nervous system that handles healing, clear thinking and growth takes back control of your mind and body.

Process Fears and Transmute them Into Gratitude

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The Gratitude Box (or Journal or App)

Every religion and belief system known to mankind recommends some kind of prayer and most have found out that the prayer of gratitude is the most effective.

All Creation came from One Source and creation is complete. Everything that we might need or wish for has already been given to us, all we have to do is open up to receive the blessings. Gratitude is the magic key by which we can do this.

Place your gratitude box on a horizontal surface at waist height or higher, preferably near the center of the home or anywhere in your home where you feel safe and where it is easy for you to contact feelings of gratitude.

Have small pieces of paper and a pen or pencil next to it.

How to Work the Gratitude Box

This is how you work a gratitude box:

1 When something good has happened to you, write a thank you note. To Whom? That is your choice, depending on your belief system… God, Universe, Life, Tao, Heaven

e.g. “Thank You God for the pay raise I got today.”

2 When you want something good to happen to you, write a thank you note. Write it in the present tense or the gerund [-ing]

e.g. “Thank You God because right now you are making a better job available to me.”

3 When you are afraid that something might happen, write a thank you note for its opposite

e.g. If you are afraid of getting fired, write a note that says,
“Thank You God for job security.”

Rules for the Use of the Gratitude Box

  1. It is best that you do not re-read your gratitude notes.
  2. Respect the privacy of the other members of your household, refrain from reading their notes.
  3. At the end of the year, count the gratitude notes, it is symbolic for counting your blessings.
  4. After counting your blessings, recycle the paper, then start over for the new year!
Want a gratitude box? Get it here: https://www.cafepress.com/fengshuiroom.587410950

There Is a Caveat

Keep in mind that the process of the gratitude box (or bowl, or journal, or app) is meant to address fear only and is not a magical tool to fix everything in your life.

For example, if you have been arguing with your spouse and at night you can’t sleep because you’re afraid you might get divorced, or that something bad will happen to them or to you, you can apply this process to transmute your fears into gratitude. However, when you wake up in the morning, you’ll still have to talk to your partner to resolve the issues that created the conflicts. Yet, without fears plaguing your life, you’ll be able to think more clearly and to feel your positive emotions more directly, so that finding solutions becomes easy.

The more you use the gratitude box process to erase fears, the easier it becomes and the calmer you feel.

BONSUS: A Lecture About the Gratitude Box Process

The video below was recorded from a lecture I gave at a church during the Great Recession, but the message is still relevant because these are timeless practices.


  1. Bookmark this page or save the link so you can come back easily.
  2. Purchase a gratitude box or use a ceramic bowl or box that you already have at home.
  3. Practice processing three major fears that you feel are always coming back.
  4. Report your results below using the “Reply” feature.


  1. Thanks for the great information. I have a question about placing my graditud box in a area I choice. I understand that it is to be place in a horizontal area. I have a nice place for it put it’s not horizontal and it is perfect because it is the center of my home and it’s in my alter area. I have a very small area for this but it really make me feel strong because my ancestors pictures are hung in this area. Does this matter?

  2. I’m excited to do this! I found a little basket last week shaped like an acorn. I love it but I haven’t been able to decide what to use it for. I’ll make it my gratitude box!

  3. This is amazing! I use a gratitude app but have never used it for fears. I’m very excited to feel them be transmuted!!

  4. Moni, thank you. I am looking forward to setting up my gratitude bowl. I know just the one I want to use. This is the first I have heard of using this process to transmute fears. I’ll keep you posted.

    • That’s right. Many people use gratitude boxes, bowls, or journals. My contribution is to use these tools to process fears by transmuting them into gratitude. 😊

  5. Thank you for this simple technology. I have used a gratitude journal for years. For a while I had to write down my challenges in order to clear my head enough to see

    • Lots of people recommend gratitude bowls/boxes or journals. My contribution is this particular way of turning fears around and transmuting them into gratitude, which I learned from watching my grandmother pray. Some people recommend that you give thanks for the bad and how it “blesses” your life, or what you can “learn from it,” but that feels disingenuous. My grandmother’s way was to trust that good would come because it is intrinsic in the designs of God for you.

  6. Wonderful idea Moni and I look forward to implementing this 😊

  7. Ah that makes so much sense, to use gratitude to transform fears. It’s brilliant in its simplicity. I totally relatie to your comment that it feels disingenuous to give thanks for the bad things and see them as blessing. I will definately put a box up and start practicing. Thanks so much!
    Much love, Judith

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