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Angelic Feng Shui

What is Angelic Feng Shui?

Angelic Feng Shui is a healing and clearing modality created by Feng Shui expert Moni Castaneda and vibrational healer Bill Austin that uses angelic frequencies and assistance to clear stagnant energies and elevate the vibration of a space.

This healing and clearing modality makes vibrational energetic corrections for Feng Shui issues that are hard to resolve by physical means, while also addressing and clearing subtle energetic problems in home, work and outdoors environments.

Clear Energies Left By Previous Occupants

It takes 3 years, at the most, for the negative energy left in a building by previous occupants to start affecting the new occupants. You may not notice these energies in the beginning, but they are there, and they are having a cumulative effect.

For your home or business to have good Feng Shui, good chi, good energy, these negative energies must be cleared.

How Does Angelic Feng Shui Work?

When you use these tools, you are basically asking the angels to do the work for you. This has several advantages:

  • It leaves you own spiritual energy intact, untouched, as all clearings are done by angelic energy.
  • It protects you from being affected by any negative or harmful energies or beings.
  • The clearings are done at a deeper level than can be done by any earthly methods.
  • Clearings may be done long distance.

How Can I Use this Modality or the Recordings?

Angelic Feng Shui is especially useful:

  • When dealing with the effects of EMFs (electromagnetic frequencies) and/or Geopathic Stress (natural discordant energies).
  • When dealing with less-than-love energies, frequencies or entities.
  • When a physical Feng Shui Cure is very difficult or impossible to apply.
  • For Practitioners, to help clear blocks related to specific aspects of Feng Shui corrections, like balancing of yin and yang energies, circulation of chi (the life force), living in harmony with the cycles of nature and the five elements, resistance to have conditions improve in the life areas, cluttering tendencies, etc.
  • For Realtors, to assist in the clearing process for real estate staging and sales.

You can get attuned as a practitioner, or you can purchase the clearing recordings:

Go here to get attuned as an Angelic Feng Shui Practitioner

Go here to get the MP3 Healing Recordings

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