Feng Shui Real Estate Home Staging Guarantee

If you are looking for Feng Shui Real Estate Home Staging you will not find a better deal than this. Feng Shui has been popular in Asia for thousands of years. Today it is becoming more and more popular in Western countries, especially with real estate.

Feng Shui is making a splash in real estate. Many realtors and frustrated sellers are using Feng Shui to make their homes more appealing to potential buyers.

Real Estate Home Staging

Real estate home staging is the act of preparing a home for sale. The goal of staging is to make a home more appealing to potential buyers,  so that you can sell the property faster and for a good price.

Feng Shui Real Estate Home Staging

Feng Shui Real Estate Home Staging is different from conventional home staging. We don’t just work with the decor of the home for sale. We also look at how the air circulates through the home and identify key imbalances or lack of harmony.

Potential buyers can pick up on problems with circulation of energy, imbalances or lack of harmony. They may say “no” to a home because of these things. They may not be able to explain why they don’t buy a home. They might say something doesn’t feel right, but they can’t put their finger on it.

If you have had a home for sale for more than three months and you cannot figure out why…

  1. the home has not had more viewings,
  2. there has been no serious interest,
  3. you have not had any offers…

…your home may be a good candidate for Feng Shui Real Estate Home Staging.

Your Feng Shui Real Estate Home Staging Consultant

I am Moni, Feng Shui consultant, teacher and author. When I do consultations for Feng Shui Real Estate Home Staging, I focus on:

  • finding the issues in a home that might scare away potential buyers, and
  • enhancing the aspects of the home that would make a buyer fall in love with it.

There are many things that could scare a buyer away, starting from the listing, and the way the photos were taken or the order in which they are arranged on the website.

Once a potential buyer gets to a home, broken items, lack of cleaning, spider webs and many other things could discourage them from even entering the home. If they do go in the home, they are already prejudiced against it by things they have seen in the front yard or by the front entrance.

Some of the things that would scare away a real estate buyer are clearly visible. Others can only be identified by someone with proper Feng Shui training.

Invisible Real Estate Deal-Breakers

Have you ever felt, when you walked into a room where people had been arguing, that you could “cut the air with a knife?”

How about opening an old trunk with the clothes of a relative and “feeling” their energy in the clothes?

In Feng Shui we believe that people can charge a space with their energy. This can be good or bad. This can help sell a home or hinder a sale.

Some features that may prevent the sale of a home are:

  • Previous occupants of the home lived an unhappy life there.
  • A couple got divorced in that home.
  • Someone died a violent death or passed away after a prolonged agony in that home.
  • One of the current owners of the home has internal resistances to selling.
  • The realtor in charge of selling the home has blocks around selling homes.
  • The realtor in charge of selling the home has a glass ceiling of how much money they allow themselves to make per month/year.

When I do a Feng Shui Real Estate Home Staging consultation I also do an energetic clearing of the home, the owner’s attitudes towards the home, and realtor blocks around selling this home. For this clearing, I use angelic help and clearing recordings. These clearings may be done on site or long distance. They work! Many homes have gotten contracts right after the clearing was done, even before the Feng Shui tasks were implemented.

Feng Shui Real Estate Home Staging Guarantee


This offer is only available for realtors, not for owners selling homes by themselves.

This offer is only good for homes that:

  1. Have been in the market for over 3 months.
  2. Are adequately priced for the current market.
  3. Are properly and truthfully described in the listing.

How the Feng Shui Guarantee Works

This is how it works:

  • You choose whether you want to have an in-home consultation with Moni (East TN only), or an online consultation with Moni (half hour).
  • If you choose an in-home visit, there is a $50 non-refundable fee. There is no fee for an online visit.
  • You make a good faith deposit equal to 1/1000 of the Original Listing Price for the home or $300, whichever is higher. In other words, divide the OLP by 1000, that is the amount you need to pay, using Paypal, a credit or debit card. Example, if a home’s OLP is $250,000 then you make a deposit for $300. If the OLP of the home is $600,000, then you make a deposit for $600.
  • I will do a clearing of the property (on-site or long distance). This clearing will address any less than love frequencies remaining in the home from any previous occupants, builders, contractors and realtors. The clearing will also address blocks that the seller or realtor may have about selling this home.
  • You will get a written online report with 7 tasks to perform in the property to facilitate the sale. You will need to submit photos to show that these tasks were completed.
  • I guarantee that you will get a contract within the period of time starting with the consultation date and ending 14 days after you submit proof that the 7 tasks given to you were completed.  For example, if I did your consultation on the 5th of the month, and you take 1 week to complete the 7 tasks (12th of the month), you would need to wait 14 days after the 12th of the month to be able to submit a claim for a refund. This would mean that you could submit a claim on the 26th of the month. You have 3 weeks to complete the tasks given to you in your consultation.
  • The guarantee only applies if the 3 requirements listed above are met (in the market for over 3 months, adequately priced, truthfully and accurately represented in the listing).  I cannot help you sell a home if the home is over priced, or if the listing makes false statements about the home.
  • The deal is that I get paid (keep your deposit) if you get a contract within that period of time. The deal applies when you get a contract, not when the contract goes through and the home sells. There are many reasons why a home might not sell, that have nothing to do with Feng Shui. For example, not getting the financing or problems with the home inspection.
  • Just to clarify, I will be looking at the online listing of the home you are trying to sell. If at any time the status changes to “Pending,” even if it says “Pending, but keep showing” I get paid.
  • If you do not get a contract within 14 days of completing your tasks (or before) you can request a refund of your deposit in full (minus the non-refundable $50 fee if I did the consultation on-site). To get the refund you need to have submitted photographic proof that you successfully completed the 7 tasks I gave you after the consultation.
  • No photos, no refund, no exceptions.
  • Refunds are only available 14 days after proof of having completed the 7 tasks has been submitted.

NOTE: If you would like Moni to help you sell a home that has been in the market for less than 3 months, the fee for this service is $300 or 1/1000 of the OLP, whichever amount is larger, paid up front, and this service would not include the guarantee.



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