Feng Shui Wallets for Money and Wealth

Carrying a Feng Shui Wallet with you is a great way to improve your money luck every time you reach for it. We offer three types of Feng Shui wallets, customized for different needs: healing and transforming your relationship with money, accelerating your career path, and growing your business as an entrepreneur.

Feng Shui Bill Wallet

A great wallet for those who need to transform their relationship with money and wealth, by understanding the natural powers and the universal principles behind money and wealth.

Indigo Feng Shui Money Wallet

This is the best Feng Shui wallet for professionals on a career path, climbing the corporate wallet and seeking promotions.

Red Envelope Feng Shui Wallet

This is a great wallet for entrepreneurs, to bless all monies paid and received so they multiply for the person making the payment and for the person receiving the payment.


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