Five Forms of Betrayal – Resource Page

Now that you’ve watched the class 5 Forms of Betrayal and Where they Show Up in a Home let’s make sure that you have accurately pinpointed your personality type and the personality type of your partner.

On this page you’ll find:

  1. A link to the class worksheet, and
  2. Five videos, one for each of the elements, on the types of betrayal.

Let’s start the learning!

5 Forms of Betrayal Class Worksheet

This fun worksheet can help you determine your personality type.

If most of your answers are on the first column, your personality type is water.

The second column is for wood personalities.

The third column is for fire personalities.

The fourth column is for earth personalities.

And the last column is for metal personalities.

See it and download it here:

Please keep in mind that all people have a little bit at least of each of the characteristics of each element. However, their basic motivator – what makes them tick – usually pertains to only one element.

Once armed with your results from the worksheets, verify your results by learning more about the elements and the types of betrayals that are deal breakers for each element personality type.

You Can’t Succeed if You Work Against Your Personality Type

Your personality type is the essence of who you are as a human being. It also influences what you like and what you find easy or hard to do. Unless you learn how to manage your unique traits and quirks, you’ll struggle unnecessarily.

If you learn who you are, how you think and how to motivate yourself, all of life becomes easy.

Understanding your partner’s personality will make life easier with them.

In the videos below, I ask some questions, if you want to answer please use the “reply to” boxes at the bottom of this page.

Betrayals of the Fire Element

Let’s start with betrayals of the fire element. The fire element personality cares a lot about social standing and looks. This may seem superficial, but in fact it’s not. Letting yourself go, or letting your home go, can be a first sign of apathy or despondency – the worst fear of the fire element.


Betrayals of the Wood Element

Let’s talk now about the type of betrayal that wood personalities find it very hard to forgive. Wood personalities are about family and productivity. They want commitment from their partners so they can work as a team.


Betrayals of the Water Element

Water personalities have a keen interest in money and all kinds of currency. Your friends that first got into cryptocurrency – they’re probably water personalities. They want to flow and go where the currents take them, but they also want to always be consulted about all decisions having to do with money.


Betrayals of the Earth Element

People who have an earth personality type care about connection. They want intimate communication with their partners. They want to be acknowledged and understood. They want their partner to make time for them, exclusively. Is it any wonder that the type of betrayal they have the hardest time with is abandonment?


Betrayals of the Metal Element

And finally we get to the type of betrayal that first comes to mind when people hear the word – betrayals of touch. However, these type of betrayal is not limited to sex, but to other forms of touch, and it is closely associated with belief and faith.

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