How to Get Along with Family Members – Free Webinar

Are you tired of family members bickering with each other all the time? This webinar is the solution for that.

Watch the free webinar below to learn How to Get Along with Family Members, by Understanding the Five Elements Personality Types.

To make the most of this webinar, read the Guide on Understanding the Five Elements Personality Types here first. The guide will open in a new window. Download this document so you may have it handy while you watch the webinar.

In this webinar you’ll learn:

  1. Which personalities get along with which, and who has the upper hand.
  2. Which personalties clash the most with each other and why.
  3. The secret to solve the most conflictive family relationships.

Use the “reply” box at the bottom of this page if you would like to let me know what’s your personality type. If you have been able to determine the personality types of your family members, share that too! 😊 Also, check out the class on how to teach your kids and teens to clean up their rooms — one of the most common causes for arguments between parents and kids! (details under the webinar).

Child & Teen Dream Clean

If you want to resolve the most common cause of arguments with your family members – messy bedrooms – enroll in the class.  


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