How to Use a Feng Shui Bagua Mirror (and what I use instead)

There is a lot of misinformation on how to use a Feng Shui Bagua Mirror. Lots of bad advice out there.

Perhaps the most destructive advice is the suggestion to put a mirror above a toilet, but any advice to put a bagua mirror inside of the home is wrong.

The bagua mirror is an outside cure.

how to use a feng shui bagua mirror

Many people arrive at this page looking for a Feng Shui bagua mirror as a solution to deal with bad neighbors. If this is your case, read the following paragraph before you scroll down to learn how to use a bagua mirror, and the better solution I suggest below.

If you have bad neighbors that do things that are annoying but not directed at you particularly, continue reading below, as the Feng Shui cure suggested here is likely to work really well for you. However, if you have bad neighbors that are doing bad things directly to you or causing damage to your property, you may need more than just one Feng Shui cure — you may need specialized Feng Shui help.

The purpose of a bagua mirror is to deal with negative energies on the outside of a building. This round or octagonal mirror is surrounded by an octagon that contains the 8 trigrams (a trigram is a combination of three lines, some solid and some split, used in the I-Ching) organized in the Former Heaven Sequence. This is helpful in protecting a building from negative or destructive chi.

A bagua mirror has the Former Heaven Sequence arrangement of the trigrams, in the octagon shape. It disperses negative energy into the 8 directions. The 8 directions are: South, North, East, West, Northeast, Northwest, Southeast, and Southwest. Any energy that is not dispersed, is believed to be reflected back to its source by the mirror. how to use a feng shui bagua mirror

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Here’s How to Use a Feng Shui Bagua Mirror

Not all Feng Shui bagua mirrors are the same. Here’s how to use a Feng Shui Bagua Mirror, depending on the type of mirror and need.

A flat or convex (bulging out) Feng Shui bagua mirror is used to disperse and deflect destructive chi. This destructive chi may come from a sharp corner in another building. These mirrors are also used when a home is at the end of a “T” intersection.

A concave (sinking in) bagua mirror is used to diminish the negative effects of having your building facing a much larger building (such as a skyscraper). You can use these also if your business faces a large ominous structure (such) as a parking garage. how to use a feng shui bagua mirror

Place a Feng Shui bagua mirror right above the top beam of your main entrance on the outside.

Problems with Using a Feng Shui Bagua Mirror

The problem with using a bagua mirror is that:

  • First, you are duplicating a problem, because mirrors always duplicate the things that they reflect.
  • Second, you are sending bad energy back to its source. This means that there is potential for acquiring karma from causing harm to another.
  • Third, a bagua mirror placed to “reflect back” bad energy can affect you negatively as you are coming home and approaching your own front door.

I have not, in my over 20 years of doing Feng Shui, ever met a person that felt comfortable using a bagua mirror. Good people do not want to send back any bad energy to anyone, or to make enemies out of their neighbors. Also, think about what may happen if the neighbor across the street knows about Feng Shui and notices you have placed a bagua mirror. They are naturally going to want to put one up too!

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A Better Cure than the Feng Shui Bagua Mirror

Whenever one of my clients has needed to put up a bagua mirror, I have recommended a prayer. The prayer was to express the clear intent that their purpose is to protect their home, and not to harm the people living in the building with the offending sharp corner, or the vehicles driving on the street.

Even with the prayer, clients always kept a nagging feeling that they were doing something wrong by placing a Feng Shui bagua mirror.

For this reason, when vibrational healer Bill Austin and I started working on Feng Shui projects together, I asked Bill to create master abstract paintings holding only love Feng Shui frequencies. Then I used these abstract paintings to create a design for a valid replacement for the bagua mirror. Together, we created the sun bagua cure to deal with all problems traditionally addressed with a bagua mirror.

This Sun Bagua Cure (3.5″ in diameter) works better than the Feng Shui bagua mirror, because it only blesses and protects the building where you place it. It does not harm any other buildings or vehicles nearby. how to use a feng shui bagua mirror

Purchase the Feng Shui Sun Bagua Cure (3.5″ in diameter) here:

I’ve put together a free downloadable guide to help you discover the Nine Areas of Life that you need to pay attention to on the outside AND the inside of your home so that you can create a more harmonious space and welcome in friendly energy.

How to Use a Feng Shui Sun Bagua Cure

Use the Feng Shui Sun Bagua Cure in the same manner as the Feng Shui Bagua Mirror. Place the sun right above the beam over the main entrance of your building, on the outside. This is a ceramic ornament. You can use a nail, or you can use strong double sided mounting tape. I have  never heard of one of these cures breaking, even though they are placed outside. If it ever breaks, you should replace it immediately.  In general, any Feng Shui cure you place as protection should be replaced immediately if it breaks or is damaged.

Say a prayer when putting up this cure:

I am like a Sun, the Light of God radiates outwards from the Core of my Being outwards in all directions, embracing everyone and everything I love. I send out Only Love and attract Only Good Things. Less-than-love frequencies get consumed by this Fire of Love, recycled and transmuted for Highest Good, long before they ever reach me. I am Love. I am Peaceful. I am Safe.

Purchase the Feng Shui Sun Bagua Cure here:

When to Use the Sun Bagua Cure

Use the Feng Shui Sun Bagua Cure for these Feng Shui problems:

  • When the corner of a building or its pointy roof are directed towards your home, especially if they are directed towards your main entrance.
  • If your home is located at the end of a T intersection, where cars seem like they are coming right at the house before they turn. Ideally, also place a physical barrier in your front yard, so if a car ever lost their brakes and drove into your yard it would be stopped.
  • Your home or business building has a very tall building or a large and unsightly structure across the street.
  • If you are dealing with difficult neighbors.
  • If you are concerned about robberies.

Purchase the Feng Shui Sun Bagua Cure (3.5″ in diameter) here:

feng shui sun bagua cure

how to use a feng shui bagua mirror

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  1. Moni, what if the difficult neighbor is on the side or in the back of your house? Do you still put the mirror above the front door? Thank you.

    • Very good question. You would still put the mirror, or the Feng Shui Bagua Sun, above the front door, because it is the “mouth of chi.”

    • You can add to this a crystal or salt cure at the back property limit. I will write an article about this soon.

      • Have you wriiten this crystal or salt cure article yet? I can’t seem to find it 🙂 Thank you!

        • Hi Lisa, I haven’t written an article about this, because I realized this is too complex to explain in an article. However, I will soon be introducing mini-courses and I will have one to address the use of crystals, salt and essential oils to deal with difficult neighbors.

  2. I live in a senior building on the 2nd floor, a few feet from elevators. There is a long hallway that ends at my front door. And another long hallway that runs across the front door. I do believe I need a Bagua mirror, cause it does end up like a “t” at my front door. I’m like on the inside part of building. So my living room & bedroom look out to the roof, on which there are some equipment like a.c. & heating units & other stuff. So I think I should also put a Bagua mirror facing out of at least the living room window. But, you don’t have any in stock. I guess I will have to put regular bagua mirrors. I’ve been here only since March and I think it is starting to affect my health.

  3. I live in an aprtment and I can see the balcony of the unit opposite to mine put a bagua mirror, it’s not directly facing my unit but is at approx 45 degrees angle.
    We don’t know each other so I doubt that they are doing it to cause me harm but I am still worried because as you said in your article, the mirror ‘reflects’ bad energy and some of it may affect my place. What can I do to defend?

  4. Very nice article. I’m not comfortable using a mirror but at the moment I’m in an extremely difficult situation. I live in an apartment and the neighbors below me became very noisy. They start shouting early in the morning and I hear all sort of noises all day long. I can’t rest and I can’t meditate anymore. I’m extremely tired due to a severe lack of sleep (I’m already taking prescription medications). In that situation, would it be ok to put a mirror, facing downward, on the floor in the middle of my bedroom? I really need to protect myself and my space at least for a while, but I fear a mirror would insulate myself from grounding energies too.

    • Jerome, the sun bagua cure above your front door would be enough for spiritual/energetic blessings and protections. You may also add something from your particular faith right outside the front door.

  5. I have difficult neighbors next to me. You mention putting the bagua over our main door. My home has a front door, but we do not use it except for receiving guests. We primarily come and go from our back door (we park behind our home). Should I hang it above our front or back door?

  6. Hi Moni
    Where can I buy a Sun Bagua…… I have neighbours that are afflicted with a problem of hoarding. They’re nice people and I mean them no harm but I need to sell my home and their very messy yard puts off potential buyers.
    We also have neighbours behind us that are very noisy on weekends at night time.

  7. Dear Moni,
    I came upon your site and I’ve read the people’s comments. I love the idea using something that does not send bad energy. We have moved into a new appartment for 6 month and it is lovely. However we have neighbours above us, they are noisy very early at morning, especially on sunday and I suspect them to do it intentionnaly. We also have neighbours in the next building, I suspect the woman gossiping about us. I’ve been avoiding using a bagua mirro for month, despite my husband insisting, but is getting worst. Can I use your sun mirror above our entrance, which is inside the building (is that a problem?), facing the main entrance?
    I thank you a lot for your advise and your site.

    • Ami, yes, you can use the sun cure above your entrance inside an apartment building. If you use a bagua mirror and one of your neighbors knows what it is, you will have made an instant enemy.

      • Dear Moni,
        Thank you a lot!
        I will proceed to the ordering of a sun cure. I assume it will as well work against the shar chi of a high building in the back of our building?
        I would like to ask you about the use of compass, which is bothering me since we moved, I do not know for sure if the directions I identified with a regular compass is ok or not, because I heard since we have a great amount of metal around us, it might not give the accurate direction. I saw you addressed the question of compass briefly on your site. Is this the right place to ask?
        Thank you a lot in advance!

        • Hi Ami,

          You only need to place one cure above the main entrance to the home, which is the “mouth of chi,” but the cure will work to offset all energetic problems and obstacles stemming from neighbors or features in neighboring buildings and roads.

          Ami, I do not use a compass other than to determine sun exposure and, in some cases, wind directions. Compass school Feng Shui is based on astrology and numerology rather than on the observation of spaces and how people interact with them. I do not recommend that you get involved with compass school Feng Shui. There are better ways to practice Feng Shui. You can learn how my school is different on this page:

          • Dear Moni,
            Thanks a lot. I got my sun cure and we just hung it above our front door. Yes I am thinking about the different approaches.
            I will have a closer look on your page.
            Thank you a lot,

  8. Dear Moni
    I have a neighbour opposite me who has put up a bagua mirror above their front door. She is at the end of a T shape road and we are diagonally opposite her ( we are not at the the end of the T but one house up). I would like to please know how we can deflect this bad energy correctly from reflecting on our home without making it too obvious – or duplicating more bad energy by putting up a counter bagua mirror ..or is this the only way ?! She would never take it down so we need to be very sublte about this.
    I would be most grateful for your advice at the earliest. This is very worrying to us.
    Many thanks in advance

    • Nimella, is this a neighbor with whom you could have a conversation, or share a link? A good first step may be to share this article with them. It may encourage them to change the bagua mirror for the sun bagua cure. If you cannot have a conversation or share a link, place a sun bagua cure above the beam of your main entrance. You may also need a cure with quartz crystals for the outside, but I would have to look at the aerial views of both homes for that. On the menu of this website, click on CONSULTATIONS and then choose the “Ask 1 Question” option. This service would cover what you need to address this issues.

      • Dear Moni, thanks so much for your reply. Unfortunately this is not a neighbour one can talk with about such things – I can assure you the answer will be no and might cause more problems. So best we just apply a defensive measure without speaking to her. Could I just clarify when you say above the beam of the main entrance – can this therefore be inside ? – because from your previous replies and introduction on the subject, I thought the bagua mirror and sun bagua are solely for outside use. If it can go inside – then great. Where can I go about purchasing one ? I shall see how to get aerial images across, but as a first step I would like to place the sun bagua as it sounds very positive and good.
        Many thanks and much appreciated

  9. Hi Moni,

    I live on the 2nd floor of a multi-storey apartment where my unit’s front door is on a long hallway. My windows and balcony are facing the front of our building and Just across the road is a huge parking lot, and there are also tall buildings directing poison arrows at us. Added to that, there is a big flat roof just outside my balcony that retains water when it rains and gets lots of rotting leaves. Unfortunately, I cannot step on the roof to clean it, and neither does the management do anything about it.

    I understand that I need to put a “sun bagua” over my unit’s door. I am also thinking of putting a sun bagua on each of 2 bedroom windows and over the door from the living room balcony. Would you advice the same or I’m going to overdo it?

    Thank you.


  10. Hi Moni,

    We live in a house. We have a neighbour in our front and at the left hand side who is constantly doing black magic. They keep on throwing stuff like, dead snake, chicken feet, coins, iron screws, most of the time plain water and many more.

    We are sick and tired of watching all this. We have gone through big misfortunes in our life and continuously facing damages and financial hardship.

    Our house exit faces west direction and there is no space between our house and the left and right house walls. It’s all super packed.

    Can you please suggest which mirror should we place. I tried ordering your sun mirror but you don’t deliver it to India. We have a scary feeling that something bad might happen as both of these neighbours never give up. They are doing something every single day, some time twice a day. We did huge prayer with the help of 5 priest for 5 continues days and the neighbour who lives right next to us has started something weired. She drills her wall, only one which is attached to our wall for few sec and then she would stop and she has been doing it ever since we started and finished the prayer.

    Please suggest. We really need your help.

    Thank you

    • Rishi, I think you need more than a mirror or a sun bagua. I would definitely not use a mirror because that might provoke them further. You probably need to do a metaphysical cure for protection. The prayer with the five priests is good but it called their attention and created a reaction from them. The sun bagua would be OK to use. You need a cure that is hidden, something to protect you and place an energetic barrier between you and them. Click on the menu on the link that says consultation and then choose Feng Shui Essentials Consultation. With that consultation I could help you address this problem of bad neighbors.

  11. Hi Moni,

    As per your suggestions, bagua mirror should not be installed outside home as it will pass it on negative energy back to the sender, which is not good. But I think only Convex bagua mirror does that and not concave mirror. Can you please explain the difference between convex and concave mirror. if not Convex, then can I installed Concave mirror outside home.

    • Nancy, a concave mirror is also symbolically destructive to neighbors. Traditionally, a concave mirror was used to deal with a huge building across from yours. The mirror reduces it in size and turns it upside down. Regardless of the shape of the mirror, flat, convex, or concave, a neighbor who is familiar with their use and spots one on your home would have an issue with it and be concerned.

  12. Hi Moni.
    Thanks for the article! I live in a small town where most of it’s land is dedicated to cemeteries. Do you think I should use a bagua mirror? Where is the best place to put it? I have neighbors and they are good neighbors. Thanks!!

  13. I applaud the sun Bagua cure. Excellent innovation the art of feng shui

  14. Fiana Sachi England-Iverson

    Can the sun Bagua be placed next to a hamsa evil eye protection? Also just in the other side of the wall, on the inside of the house is a hamsa blessing, would this be ok with the sun cure on the other side of the wall?

    • Fiana, I am not familiar with the requirements for placing a hamsa evil eye protection or the hamsa blessing. Energetically, I see no problem with placing the sun bagua next to hamsa evil eye protection, but for aesthetic purposes it might be better if they are not too close to each other. There also would not be any conflict from having the hamsa blessing on the inside and the sun cure on the outside.

  15. Hello Moni!. I have a question : can I draw the Sun Bagua and place in front of a very big window I have aligned with a corridor? I would place it on the corridor wall. I have a lot of problems with one neighbour shouts at me and through things from his window. Thanks a lot!

    • The sun bagua is meant to go only on the main door or above the main door. You can’t draw it, because the one Bill Austin and I created has his vibrational healing artwork, so it wouldn’t be the same.

  16. Hi,

    I have neighbor who recently placed a (convex) bagua mirror in his master bedroom facing our bedroom; a bit offset but almost direct. Also, we can see his mirror from our main floor kitchen and our family room which has a huge glass door. Our master bedroom has single glass door with two windows on each side of it. Their master bedroom actually faces directly to our master bath which has large obscure windows. Our backs of our houses faces each other in the large city.

    I appreciate your comment. Since the mirror, my wife and I bumped our heads in sight of it working outside in our garden. We think it is not a friendly gesture to put such things facing our home.

    Should I place bagua mirror on top of my master bedroom door and master bathroom? as well as my large kitchen window and large family room glass doors?

    Yes, I know this may sound like an excessive behavior but we will put ours down as soon as they do

    • You should not place a bagua mirror at all. Another bagua mirror will only compound the problem. All you need is the sun bagua cure above the main door, which is the “mouth of chi.” Place some red ornaments or decals on the windows where you can see there bagua mirror.

  17. I live on a small cul-de-sac road and have a house on either side with corners pointing at ours, plus a new neighbor who tends to disrupt the peace on weekends. Can I get the sun bagua magnet and put it right at the top of my door since it is metal and would stick to it?

  18. HI Moni,

    Due to our front door facing neighbour’s toilet, I put up a bagua mirror to reflect the negative energy. I have been wanting to put something else instead of bagua mirror, but just been delaying. Few months ago, the neighbour put up a fence, converng the toilet from our view. And due to busy with oversea visitors, anoer delays. Todya, there are people sending flowers to the neighbour and it was packed full of cars. Something might have happened and I am really worried and thinking I should take the bagua mirror down. Please advice.

  19. I just moved into an apartment and live EXACTLY at the “T”. The glass door to my front porch and window of the living room are 2 feet apart, face east straight into a road that runs all the way across this small town. I can see the large white windmill turning in far distance. The road ends in a grass strip running perpendicular to it near me. The entry to my apartment complex jogs and curves around to exactly pick up the alignment of the long road across town so my front porch door and window are directly aligned and I can see the windmills and the headlights of the cars as they drive into the complex and turn onto the aligning road.

    My front door faces SE is inside a porch opposit my neighbors front door several feet away.

    I ordered a convex and concave bagua before finding this article and am waiting for arrival. If I hang a Sun Bagua on my front door which does not face the T, then there is still the issue of the T?

    • Leah, in addition to getting the sun bagua for energetic reasons to place above your front door, you need to add physical barriers were needed, if you believe that there is a factual risk that a car could run into your home.

  20. My house has southwest main entrances and have open space in SE south and soutwest we are facing to much problem plz suggest us what to do..

  21. Hi there just came across of your blog, very informative. Where do I purchase the sun bagua for doors?
    Would appreciate your reply. Thanks!

  22. Hi Moni,

    If my neighbors who is placing the bagua mirror is at the side of my house, they placed the mirror outside their window facing our window and I have not been well recently. So if I purchase your Sun Bagua and put on top of my main door entrance inside my house, is that fine because my main door is also facing another neighbour and I don’t want to put outside in case they don’t feel good or think otherwise. Another question is which sun Bagua do I buy, the round one or the magnet? Thank you for your kind advise.

    • If you purchase the sun bagua to put above your front door that shouldn’t in any way affect your other neighbor. I recommend you get the ceramic ornament. I would also advice you to put up a symbol of protection on your window where you can see the neighbor’s bagua mirror, like an angel or any spiritual object that means protection to you.

      • Dear Mini, thank you very much for your advise. I have already put in a purchase for your ceramic sun bugua and looking forward to receiving it.

  23. Hello, i am moving to a new place and I noticed that my neighbor across has a bagwa on their front door. What can i do to protect my home without having to ask them to remove the bagwa?

    • Hi Karen, place the sun bagua cure mentioned in the article above the top beam of your front door, as explained above.

      • Hello, I just came across your page as I recently been interested to feng shui. My mom moved our front door from southeast to northeast. There is a big tree in front of our front door and was said that its inauspicious. It was said a concave bagua can help me. I ordered online and looked at it and got headache. Should I still put bagua in our front door?

      • Hello, I just came across your page as I recently been interested to feng shui. My mom moved our front door from southeast to northeast. There is a big tree in front of our front door and was said that its inauspicious. It was said a concave bagua can help me. I ordered online and looked at it and got headache. Should I still put bagua in our front door?

        • Hi Joyce, a tree right in front of your front door is not good. As you read in the article, I no longer recommend bagua mirrors. You getting a headache is a sign not to use it. The sun bagua (the link is on this page) should help, but there are other things you should probably do. If you join my free Facebook group you can ask questions on Sundays and share a photo of your front door taken from across the street. Join here:

  24. Hi, I live in a block, main floor and the entrance
    door is is facing an elevator – around 2,5 meters distance from it. We are not allowed to put anything on the outside of the door (on the walls or anything) so I put a mirror facing the door from the inside. At the same time from the terrace I can see tall buildings – not right in front, a bit in the side and poisonous arrows from the corners. The block is also facing a T road- both sides. Is there anything what I can do, we like the area and the place. I used a bagua mirror in the terrace and was fine till it got damaged because if the weather here and after removing it we started getting sick. What can I do?… thank you in advance

    • Bagua mirrors should never be used inside and I discourage anyone from using them at all. You can place the sun bagua on the first wall you see when you come in through the front door.

  25. Caroline Luise Sydness

    Hi Moni,

    Can i place a bagua or sun mirror on my gate since above my door there is no space?

  26. My back door apartment facing the T junction of the street. Do I need to put anything there? Thank you so much

  27. Hello,
    May I use this above toilet door outside the bathroom?

    • Khyati, if you’re asking if you should place a bagua mirror above the door of the bathroom, the answer is no. If you’re asking about the sun cure, the sun cure may be placed anywhere in the home, though it was designed for the main door.

  28. Hi Moni,
    I would like to change my bagua mirror with sun cure. What should I do with the bagua mirror after?

  29. Hi Moni,
    I am very interested in your Sun Bagua for our front door. Should we also try never to look directly at the center of the bagua, just like we are never supposed to look into the mirror of a traditional bagua?
    Thank you!
    Oh, and I absolutely love the prayer you wrote to accompany the Sun Bagua! The bagua is out of stock on cafepress at the moment but I’ll keep checking back.
    With love,

  30. Marionette Martinez

    Do I put the bagua mirror in our main door?or door of our gate?because near our main door is a part of the house with patio, and then when you walk out is the gate.

    • Marionette, I no longer recommend the use of bagua mirrors. If you’re asking about the sun bagua cure I recommend, that goes above the door, and not the gate.

  31. Hi Moni. I am so relieved to have come across your article! I have very unpleasant neighbors that live in a 2-story house behind me. They do things to intentionally harass their neighbors like leave second floor exterior lights on that shine in our windows, keep a non-stop barking dog in the backyard all day, blast music when outside, etc. The latest is they hung huge windchimes from a tree close to the fence they share with me. I’m not sure if any part of their reason for doing so is for feng shui but I do know that it is definitely meant to harass the neighbors more because as they were hanging them they were blasting music, picking up heavy objects and intentionally slamming them down onto the concrete, and they would continually walk up to the chimes and swing them around as hard as they could to make them clang as loudly as possible. It was like a couple of toddlers throwing a temper tantrum.

    I am new to feng shui but am very interested in learning about it and how it might help me protect myself from the negativity coming from these neighbors and the anxiety it causes and to feel more comfortable, safe and at peace in my home. I know you mentioned that the sun bagua is meant to go over the front door, would it be helpful for me to also put one over each of the two sliding doors that go from the backyard into my home since that is the direction the neighbors’ harassment is coming from? The people that live there are able to look directly into my backyard and all of the back windows in my home, which includes the sliding door from the back patio into my dining room and the sliding door into my bedroom.

    Or is there something other than the sun bagua you would recommend (or something I should do in addition to it)?

    Any advice you might be able to offer would be GREATLY appreciated! Thank you so much for all of your help!

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