Introduction to Feng Shui Courses

At Feng Shui for Us we can take from a newbie, to a professional Feng Shui practitioner in only 9 months. Our program includes online training and customized mentorship.

Before you fully commit to the Feng Shui Consultant training, you can get started with our Feng Shui 101 courses. Keep scrolling to find your Feng Shui path!

Feng Shui 101

In our Feng Shui 101 level, we offer three inexpensive Feng Shui courses that can change your life.

The best part is that, if you choose to train as a Feng Shui Consultant in the future, we’ll refund you the cost of these courses.

Get all 3 courses here at half price here, or get them individually below.

Choose one of these three courses to get started:

1 – Turn Your Current Home into a Dream Home

Take this course if your main interest in Feng Shui is to transform your home and your life.

2 – The Three Treasures of Feng Shui

Take this course if you want to unravel the deep mysteries of Feng Shui, when taught and practiced as a branch of ancient East Asian medicine.

3 – The Feng Shui Focus

Take this course if you are mostly interested in the roots of Feng Shui. This course will teach you about Ancient Chinese Philosophy, which is the school of thought that gave rise to Feng Shui.

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