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I love getting invited to do interviews, because hosts usually ask me about things that it wouldn’t have occurred to me to share before, and the results are amazing.

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Create Your Dream Home

As a Feng Shui consultant, I help people decorate and organize their places so they are full of beauty and good luck. To do this I use a method I created called the Nine Steps to Feng Shui® System. As you work with me, you focus on one step at a time. And when you have gone through all nine steps, your home has become a dream home. Through this process you become a happier, more successful person.

  • How your home is a microcosm of your whole reality.
  • Why making changes in your home changes your own behavior.
  • Focus on environments within your control for optimal impact.
  • How your home affects your ability to pay attention and concentrate.
  • How to get teenagers to organize their spaces.
  • Why you can’t separate beauty from order.
  • The importance of the first thing you see when you come home.

To learn more about Jackie Woodside, go here:

The Basics of Feng Shui

In this podcast interview, Jeffrey Brown (with YoDaddyApps) and I discuss why everyone needs Feng Shui:

  • The significance of combining beauty with good Feng Shui in a home.
  • Why I don’t use the compass directions in my practice.
  • How moms can use Feng Shui to help everyone in the home do well.
  • The seat of your power as a home maker.
  • How being a mom in the US is different from other cultures.
  • Why should everyone do Feng Shui?


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Using Feng Shui in Your Business 

In this episode we talked about how to achieve increased productivity in work spaces that energize you!

Feng Shui for Business Success and Luck

Looking to attract new clients? Join me, Christie Turley, and Moni Castaneda as we discuss “Feng Shui for Business Success and Luck”: 💡 How to Use Feng Shui to Attract New Clients to Your Business 💡 How Feng Shui for business is different than Feng Shui for home 💡 Feng Shui for your office and your desk 💡 Moni’s Nine Steps to Feng Shui®

Transforming Your Home with Good Feng Shui in 9 Easy Steps

Everything you believe to be true about life is expressed in your home. Making small, intentional changes in your place can result in a life transformed, happiness and pride on your surroundings! Moni is a Feng Shui Consultant, Speaker and Author. She provides clients with a system to turn their homes into dream homes where they can be happy with the people they love. This step by step system combines Feng Shui, Modern Architecture and Alternative Healing, and it gives people the power to transform their homes while they transform their lives to be happier, healthier, and wealthier. She will help you create a life you love in a home you are proud to show! Moni has been practicing and teaching Feng Shui for over 20 years, and is currently accepting new clients. In this episode, Moni explains how to improve your spaces easily and effectively for a happier, healthier life!

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Feng Shui Demystified: Enhancing Energy, Aesthetics, and Harmony

Welcome to an enlightening episode of Pockets of Knowledge, hosted by Desiree Stanley. Today, we dive into the captivating world of Feng Shui with esteemed guest Moni Castaneda, a Feng Shui expert and advocate for creating balanced living spaces.

In this intriguing conversation, Desiree and Moni explore the fundamental aspects of Feng Shui, unraveling its essence and significance in our homes.

We delve into:

  • What exactly is Feng Shui and its relevance in creating harmonious living environments?
  • Moni sheds light on the foundational principles behind Feng Shui and its transformative impact on our spaces.
  • Have you ever felt challenged in making your home feel just right?
  • Discover the underlying reasons and practical approaches to enhancing the aesthetics and energy of your living space.

Moni shares her personal journey into the world of Feng Shui, uncovering the experiences and inspirations that led her to this enriching practice.

Addressing common misconceptions, Moni clarifies whether traditional Chinese symbols are requisite in incorporating Feng Shui into your home and how one can adopt this practice regardless of cultural symbols.

How does Feng Shui intersect with religious beliefs? Moni provides insights into how individuals of different faiths can integrate Feng Shui without conflicting with their religious practices.

Join Desiree and Moni on this insightful exploration of Feng Shui, empowering you to create spaces that resonate with harmony and positivity. Get ready to unlock the secrets of Feng Shui for a more balanced and vibrant home life.

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Feng Shui Practices to Revitalize Your Workspace

Laura Jane and I talked about how to revitalize your workplace, whether you go to work from someone else, or whether you work from home.

It was a fun interview. Laura Jane asked many good questions.

H and have a listen so you can upgrade your office space.

Watch more interviews by Laura Jane on her website:

Unleashing the Power of Intentional Placement: A Journey into Feng Shui

In this interview with Jean Border, I shared some essential Feng Shui for the home office:

  • How to arrange your office furniture.
  • A deeply emotional and effective way to declutter your desk.
  • The easiest way to control paper messes.

Jean Border’s podcast, The Focused Practical Dreamer’s Journey, takes out your emotional baggage and shows you how to heal your emotional body so you get to enjoy the success you desire and deserve. Watch or listen to this interview in Jean’s website:

Feng Shui to Connect with Nature and Improve Sleep

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