Moni as a Guest – Podcast Interview

I love getting invited to do interviews, because hosts usually ask me about things that it wouldn’t have occurred to me to share before.

Feng Shui Practices to Revitalize Your Workspace

Laura Jane and I talked about how to revitalize your workplace, whether you go to work from someone else, or whether you work from home.

It was a fun interview. Laura Jane asked many good questions.

H and have a listen so you can upgrade your office space.

Watch more interviews by Laura Jane on her website:

Unleashing the Power of Intentional Placement: A Journey into Feng Shui

In this interview with Jean Border, I shared some essential Feng Shui for the home office:

  • How to arrange your office furniture.
  • A deeply emotional and effective way to declutter your desk.
  • The easiest way to control paper messes.

Jean Border’s podcast, The Focused Practical Dreamer’s Journey, takes out your emotional baggage and shows you how to heal your emotional body so you get to enjoy the success you desire and deserve. Watch or listen to this interview in Jean’s website:

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