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Short Bio

Monica P. Castaneda – Moni – is a Feng Shui Consultant, Speaker and Author.

She helps her clients turn their homes into dream homes, where they
can be happy with the people they love.

Moni uses the Nine Steps to Feng Shui® System, a method she created that

• Modern Architecture.
• Ancient Feng Shui.
• Alternative Healing.

The result of working with Moni is a life you love in a home you are proud to show.

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I help people turn their homes into dream homes by using a signature system I developed that combines my training in modern architecture with ancient Feng Shui, so homes look great but also feel fantastic. 

The result of working with me is a life you love in a home that makes you proud.



Moni offers some great freebies that you can offer your audience. From guides and tests, to free webinars. Please click the link below:

Moni’s Amazing Freebies

Before and After

Nothing showcases the power of Feng Shui like before and after photos of real homes of real people who are now living in their dream homes:

Before and After Photos of Moni’s Clients

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Moni’s Accomplishments and Reach


From Moni

My name is Moni Castaneda and I graduated with a degree in Architecture from the Central University of Ecuador. When I moved to the USA I found out that in order to practice architecture I would have to go back to school for 4 years! Somehow, that didn’t feel right. I knew there had to be some purpose to going to school to get a 6 year degree in a profession that I would not be able to practice. I found this purpose when I discovered Feng Shui. I knew that my knowledge of architecture allowed me to understand Feng Shui at a deeper level. At the same time, my original profession added credibility to my new, chosen profession.

I wanted to bring Feng Shui to the 21st century, to understand and respect all the deep ancient knowledge, but apply it in a way that would make sense to us today. I also wanted Feng Shui to look good, to integrate easily into our current decorating styles, without losing its powerful symbolism.

Towards these goals I have worked for over 20 years, studying every Feng Shui concept fully, then testing, then checking results. The result of these studies is a collection of textbooks, professional charts and online courses. I offer courses for Feng Shui aficionados, and also for those with enough passion for the art of placement to train as Feng Shui Consultants in the Nine Steps to Feng Shui System® that I developed. This system, based on 9 principles of universal law, is at the core of my books and courses. The Nine Steps to Feng Shui® System is based on the principles of Ancient Chinese Wisdom, but adapted to the needs and modern decorating styles, using the language from Western and Native American healing traditions.

Ideas for Questions to Ask Moni During Interviews

General Questions About Feng Shui:

  • What is Feng Shui? Can you give us a simple explanation?
  • How old is Feng Shui? How long has it been around?
  • Is there more than one school of Feng Shui?
  • Where does your school fit in, with Compass School or Form School of Feng Shui?
  • What are the Nine Steps to Feng Shui based on?
  • You always hear when people talk about Feng Shui, about the Nine Life Areas? What are the Nine Life Areas and how are they expressed in a person’s home?
  • What are the most important life areas for a person to pay attention to?
  • Can you elaborate on this idea about the most important thing being to achieve balance, and how that balance helps you succeed in all your life areas?
  • I saw that you have written 8 textbooks about Feng Shui, and that it is a do-it-yourself series? Where should people start, which would be the most important book for peaople to get?

Questions About Feng Shui for Love:

  • What do you mean when you say “create a master bedroom for love?” What does the bedroom have to do with a person’s love life?
  • What are the basic functions of a master bedroom, other than sleeping?
  • What kinds of hidden messages does a master bedroom give a Feng Shui consultant about the couple, or the single person looking for a mate?
  • What are the basics of creating a master bedroom that promotes love?
  • Does this work only for established couples or does it work also for a single person seeking to find a love partner?
  • What are some “red flags” for the Feng Shui consultant, what things might she see in a master bedroom, that would indicate potential for problems in the relationship?
  • What kind of artwork do you recommend to create a master bedroom for love?
  • Are there any items, artwork or furniture, that should be avoided in the master bedroom?
  • What other areas of the house do you look at in regards to love relationships, or is it just the master bedroom?
  • Does doing the Feng Shui of a master bedroom always bring a couple closer together, or have you seen cases when it does not work?

Questions About Feng Shui and Destiny (Life Missions)

  • Can you give us a short, simple definition of Feng Shui.
  • What does Feng Shui have to do with Destiny?
  • So what you are saying is that every person already existed before coming into life?
  • Can you tell us a bit more about this Pact or Contract with Heaven?
  • Does that mean that everyone’s life is pre-determined, that we cannot change things?
  • What about Free Will? Does this Feng Shui view of the world acknowledge Free Will?
  • You said a Seed is created and that includes the circumstances of one’s birth. Can you elaborate on that a little bit?
  • What happens if something goes wrong? For example, if there is an accident, or a change in a person’s life that carries them away from your path?
  • What do you think of that train of thought were people say they are grateful for the bad things that have happened to them, because they made them who they are? Or because it was only after this bad thing happened that they found their path?
  • How can a person know what their path with Heaven is? How can they be sure?

Recent Interviews

Interview clip – Mirrors

Interview clip – “Pushover”

Interview clip – Nice Things to Say

Moni’s Mission

Moni is dedicated to taking the confusion out of Feng Shui, teaching information that is inspiring, uplifting, and fear-free. Moni wishes for her students and clients to live fuller, happier, purpose-driven lives. Moni does this by applying the Nine Steps to Feng Shui® to all aspects of her business: her books, her consultations, her products and her online courses. Her intention is to share Feng Shui resources with as many people as possible, through articles, books, e-books, Feng Shui Cures, Feng Shui Consultations and Feng Shui Online Courses. She honors the uniqueness of all students and clients, and encourages them to make conscious choices to steer their lives in the direction of their Highest Good.

Monica P. Castaneda – Moni – is a Feng Shui consultant, teacher, and speaker. Moni was born and grew up in Ecuador (South America), where she got a degree in Architecture in July of 1995. The next month, August, Moni moved to the United States to join her husband Marco.

In the Mississppi Gulf Coast, Moni found out that she would not be able to practice Architecture in the United States, because there are no agreements between schools in the USA and schools in Ecuador.  For a while, Moni wondered why she had felt just a strong urge to study Architecture, only to find out she would not be able to practice, but it all made sense when she found Feng Shui.

Moni Castaneda – Headshots

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