Nine Steps to Feng Shui® Room by Room Membership Website

You know how many women spend a lot of time and money buying things for the house, but somehow it never looks or feels just right?

  • They move furniture around again and again, but their spaces do not feel right.
  • They paint and repaint their walls, but the colors never seem to match or look great with their furniture
  • They buy artwork and ornaments that in their mind should look great, but the end result is less than pleasant.

Do you ever feel like that?

The Nine Steps to Feng Shui® Room by Room Membership Website helps you know exactly what to do in every single room of the home, from the foyer to the master bedroom, from the kitchen to the family room, so that your home looks and feels wonderful, and there’s happiness and family harmony.

The Nine Steps to Feng Shui® Membership Website helps you create a home you love.

You can Make Your Home a Dream Home with the proper guidance, and for a very low monthly fee, or save 30% t if you sign up for the year.

Imagine not having to guess, but knowing exactly what to do in each room in the home.

You want your home to be beautiful and comfortable.


You want your family to share happy moments at home.

Enter the Nine Steps to Feng Shui® System.

The Nine Steps to Feng Shui System is a method that I created that combines

  1. Ancient Asian space arrangement techniques.
  2. Concepts from modern architecture (for which I trained in Quito, Ecuador)
  3. Vibrational healing frequencies

The result is a method that makes Feng Shui easy to understand and apply, and gets you the best results: a happy life in a home you are proud to show.

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