Simple Balance™ – Feng Shui Home Floor Plan Analysis

In a Simple Balance™ Feng Shui Home Floor Plan Analysis Moni takes a thorough look at your floor plan for new construction or remodeling.

Moni cheks that:

  • Your floor plan does not contain any Feng Shui mistakes that would translate into costly building mistakes, or require further remodeling in the future.
  • The general layout of your floor plan and future home promotes balance, vitality and harmony.
  • The location and design of the kitchen is done in a way that helps you grow your wealth instead of curtailing it.

Why a Feng Shui Floor Plan Analysis is Important

These are some factors that can make or break your Feng Shui Luck in a new or remodeled construction:

  1. Layout of the main entrance, from the curb to the front door.
  2. Location and shape of staircases, hallways, and bathrooms.
  3. The distribution of doors and windows in every bedroom in the home. If done wrong, this could ruin your rest and interrupt your sleep.

Why Moni is the ideal person to check your floor plan for you:


    • Earned her degree in Architecture in the Central University in Ecuador.
    • Has been practicing Feng Shui for almost 20 years.
    • Has 8 published text books on Feng Shui.
    • Is the creator of the Nine Steps to Feng Shui® System, a step by step method that takes the confusion out of Feng Shui, simplifying it without taking away any of its efficacy.
    • Trains people all over the world to become Feng Shui Consultants.

Frequently Asked Questions About a Simple Balance Feng Shui Home Floor Plan Analysis

1. Can a Simple Balance™ Feng Shui Home Floor Plan Analysis be done long distance?

Yes, you just need to send Moni a clear, updated copy of your floor plan.

2. How can I send Moni the floor plan of my new home or my remodeling floor plan?

That’s easy. You can email a pdf (preferred) or jpg file to Moni, or you can upload it to an online service, such as drop box and send Moni the link. You can even create a group on Facebook, add Moni to the group, and upload the image there.

3. How long does the floor plan analysis take?

Moni will have your report ready within 3 days.

4. How will my report for my floor plan analysis be delivered?

Moni will email you a pdf file with all her suggestions annotated on your floor plan. She may redraw or enlarge portions of the floor plan where significant changes are advised so they can be clearly understood and approved by you, your architect, and your builder or contractor. Moni may also upload the report to an online service or to a Facebook group.

5. Will Moni calculate my gua number and work with the compass directions?

No. Moni doesn’t use astrology or numerology to apply the bagua map to a home or to do a Feng Shui floor plan analysis. Moni uses a biology-based version of the bagua map that aligns the bottom of the bagua map with the wall that holds the main door of the home.

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