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I am grateful that you are taking the time to write a testimonial for me. Testimonials help other people get a greater insight into what studying Feng Shui with me or hiring me to do a Feng Shui consultation for their home or business can be like.

If you would like to enter a testimonial anonymously, feel free to do so, and I will be very grateful indeed, but if you do share your name, location and occupation, AND submit a photo with your testimonial, that would help me even more, because it adds credibility to your words.

If you include your full name, your location, your occupation and a photo of yourself (or before and after photos of your home) with your testimonial submission, then folks reading your testimonial believe that you are a real person!

Helpful Questions

If you have a hard time writing a testimonial, it may help to answer these questions:

8 Questions to Answer for Testimonials:

1. How did you learn about this course/consultation?
2. What made you decide to take/purchase it?
3. What was the experience like, of taking an online course, or having a long distance Feng Shui Consultation?
4. How was the course/consultation different from other programs (books or courses) you have been exposed to before?
5. How has the course/consultation helped you?
6. Do you feel any transformations in the way you live your live from taking the course or getting the Feng Shui Consultation?
7. What was unexpected or came as a pleasant surprise?
8. Would you recommend this course/consultation to a friend, if so, why?

You may choose to answer all 6 questions or just a few. (Or you may write a testimonial that does not address these questions at all.)

Testimonial Release

Legally, I cannot use any testimonial that you provide for me, unless I have a signed testimonial release. To make it easier for you and for me, I am providing the testimonial release on this page, and your submission constitutes an electronic signature.

Time to Submit Your Testimonial!

PLEASE NOTE: By submitting this testimonial you are providing an electronic signature to this testimonial release:

I hereby expressly grant to Monica P. Castaneda (D.B.A. Feng Shui for Us™)  the right to use my testimonial, including text, photographs, names, occupation and location, that I submit via this website, and to use these text, photographs, names, occupation and location, for educational, advertising and commercial purposes, on paper and online in any of her websites, social media sites and other online outlets, in perpetuity. I understand that my submission of this information by clicking “Submit Testimonial” constitutes an electronic signature and expresses my agreement to this testimonial release.


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