Mental Clarity

El Sobrante/Richmond CA
October 27, 2016

Lauras-photo.It was a rainy and cold afternoon; I was visiting a friend to work on a school project. As I stepped into Tere’s home, I immediately perceived the peace and harmony surrounding the place, it was so pleasant that after we finish the project I did not want to leave. I asked her to give me the secret to maintaining such balance in her home, all she said was: Feng Shui.
For the next few days, I embark on the search for Feng Shui. I bought some books, I rented a few others from the public library, and even purchased some e-books (price), search some websites and looked up videos on youtube. As a result of such in-depth exploration, I ended up extremely confuse. There is so much contradicting information out there from different schools and teachings so I began a budget and saved to pay for a consultation (Feng Shui Consultations can become expensive; $395.00 per room plus cures). I had my consultation by phone and e-mail. Unfortunately, it did not work; I ended up more confused. Between the gua number of all the members leaving in the house, the elements, the directions to avoid, the colors and the feeling that when I step into the door; I felt like entering into someone else’s home was not what I was expecting from a feng shui consultation.
I gave myself a break. No more research, until one day I went online and type: feng shui for us and Moni’s website was the 1st one listed on the engine. I started going through her site, it was so easy to understand! Her site is so complete and full of valuable information. I purchased some of Moni’s books a few of her live online courses and a home consultation all at very reasonable prices. We did the consultation by phone, facebook, e-mails, she requested a home plan, pictures, and videos. I am so grateful with Moni for sharing her knowledge and talents, and for how seriously she takes her consultations. She guided me through every space of our home; to my surprise, at age 39 I am learning so much about who I really am. I went back to my childhood and learned to forgive. I learned to be gentle with myself in every step of the process. I learned to declutter pieces of me and not just spaces. I gain mental clarity. There is so much to feng shui than just its definition. Moni has been the best teacher and guide that I could ever wish to have. Thank you.

Laura E Villanueva. Richmond CA


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