(Chi) Movement with Moni

emilyI discovered Moni’s blog and videos about 8 months ago, and her sincerity and thoroughness hooked me in.  I especially appreciate her clarity and insight bringing together architecture and design with exhaustive study of different schools of feng shui.

When the Decluttering From the Heart course came along, I knew right away it was what I needed.  Clutter is in the way of everything for me, and I have spend years on my packrat tendencies only to attract clutter over and over again, so I knew that my changes truly needed to come “from the heart.”

This was not the first online course I’ve taken, but I appreciated the combination of video presentation, chat for Q&A, support of a group, and email follow-ups with recording, helpful links, and “homework” reminders.

A tremendous amount of information was introduced in small, actionable pieces. The organization of the material was not immediately clear, but it felt good, not overwhelming.  It turned out the order made perfect feng shui sense and the explanation came in exactly the right timing.

I cannot claim a miraculous transformation of my entire home– yet.  When I told one friend I was going to take this course, she said, “You don’t need a class.  You know what you need to do– just do it.”  I felt a little shame, like there was some truth to that and *I* was the problem, but I felt like I needed the class anyway.  Now I am empowered to remove obstacles and let the process be easy.  I could not “just do it” before” but I can now, and I can recognize when not to push, when to let something be and look for movement in other areas of my life instead.

I am less likely to beat myself up over what’s not getting done, and I can more easily make a decision and then follow through.  It is easier to let things go that have been accumulating in my house.

I would recommend this course to anyone who has struggled for a long time with clutter.  It is also interesting, I think, to people who maybe are not clutterbugs but are interested in feng shui and its symbolism.  Moni elucidates feng shui without imposing it on anyone’s culture.  For years, feng shui was an fascinating but confusing mess of rules to me; Moni’s presentation of it is orderly and also cyclical, so that each time a concept reappears you do a little bit deeper.


Emily La Fave Benefits Administrator Minneapolis, MN July 3, 2016

Thank you!

imanMoni is very special instructor. She is teaching from her heart with passion. I really enjoyed that much valuable Feng Shui for Love with her. Don’t miss it.

Iman Saad Relationship Coach Egypt July 22, 2016

Online Feng Shui Consultation is SO EASY

mariaI wanted to Feng Shui my house since I first had contact with it through a book. It was so confusing I stopped trying to do anything. Then I found you, Moni. When I noticed I could afford your consultation, knowing your 9 steps system from your site, I didn’t hesitate.
My life has been changing for the better and it is so easy! The private Facebook group you made where you tell me what to do, I go do it, send you a picture to prove I have done it and you give me the next task. I don’t have to go anywhere to meet you nor you has to come to my house (it wouldn’t be bad but it would take time and that is something hard to find theses days).
I just sent you the initial photos of my house. It was so easy,
I don’t get overwhelmed, things are done progressively giving me time to adjust, my house is getting prettier, I’m more energetic, with art, I don’t have to go anywhere to meet you so it doesn’t take up time AND it FEELS right!
I have lived in many houses and waited 12 years to finally be able to get a Feng Shui consultation but it couldn’t have been better.
Really Moni, you were right when you said your clients love it. It is true: we do. No fuss, just know what to do, do it, prove when have done it, move to the other task. On our own time, accordingly to our taste. It’s perfect.

Maria Neto Hotel recepcionist Portugal July 22, 2016

Manifesting Course, it works

mariaMy latest Manifesting Courses was How to Manifest Money for the Purpose of Having More Money.
You know, when you go through it, you learn, do the homework and expect results.
For some reason, I was very sure it would happen by this order: results in the end.
By at each task things changed. I couldn’t pinpoint what had changed until I watched the following video because it was then that I evaluated the previous one results.
Of course this only happen in the first 2 videos because I paid attention afterwards and it was amazing.
At first, it was subtle, I had changed nothing but I was spending less.
Then the amount of money in my pocket seem to stay the same although I had my expenses.
I went on vacations (had the money for them reserved) and when I came back home everything remain as if I had not spent money in them. Not a dent in the budget.
I finished the month with spare money!
Then one of the incomes I get. Almost doubled. It is not much but it was the fact it almost doubled that surprised me. It has remain the same for previous 6 months and the month I take the manifesting course it almost doubles.
But there were more changes. The one I find more interesting, and the one that will probably have more effect on Manifesting money was the shift on the way I think.
I wanted money I thought in terms of “What can I do to make money?”. The shift was I started thinking “What can I do that is of value to others” the center was no more making money but serve.
I also stopped worrying about money. I had a certain fear of will it be enough? Will I be able to manage it? Will I manage it right? Will I lose it? I don’t anymore. I know what to do.
It really works.


Maria Neto Hotel recepcionist Portugal July 22, 2016

My Experience of Moni’s Manifesting Course

HEAD-SHOT-IN-FINTRY-2015In this Universe, nothing ever happens by accident and, so it was, I stumbled across Moni Castaneda’s website in a search of someone who could genuinely help me separate out all the facts from so much of the “fiction” about the principles and dynamics of Feng Shui which is rampant on the Internet.

As a Wholistic Health Consultant, with a very successful practice, I had been involved for over twenty-five years in energetic healing and working with energy on all sorts of different levels and my attraction and gravitation toward Feng Shui was a natural progression of my journey in the healing arts.

Moni’s approach made sense and, when I discovered from speaking with her personally, that she was in alignment with another of my favorite teachers in Feng Shui, I knew that she was “The Teacher” I was looking for.

Over the past two years, I had been experiencing a huge personal challenge in my life and wondered how I would ever get back on my feet again and because I am of the belief that I am in the perfect place at the perfect time, Moni’s Manifesting Course reached out and literally caught my whole attention. Her teaching techniques are simple and easy to understand as are her books and I found, that as I went through the lessons, applied what I learned and did the homework which she presented, I began to feel and experience a sense of peace and ease.

One of the most dramatic effects came about quite serendipitously when Moni talked about “Poison Arrows” or “Shars” which result when Chi meets at the outside of corners and speeds up in kind of an “arrowhead” direction. I also learned that exposed beams created an energetic problem which required some immediate handling and cures, particularly and most noticeably from the beam intersecting my bed. I had moved about ten months before into a “carriage house” with four angled beams in every area of my new space and, not long after moving in, I began to notice that I would wake up every day with a mushy feeling in my head a dull headache. Not only that but since I stand at my computer, which is right at the corner of a dividing wall, I was being constantly stressed on an energetic level from “Shars”.

I consulted with Moni and even sent her some photos and she made a couple of suggestions which I implemented immediately. Can you imagine my surprise when awoke the next morning with no symptoms in head or a headache? I completely nonplussed, even though I am an Energy Worker. Truly, I thought, this is just a coincidence and, as is my nature, I gave myself another four nights to “test my results”. Now, here I am writing a “testimony” for Moni because the cure she suggested really did work. I am amazed and deep grateful because waking up with a headache every day of my life was not very pleasant and stopped me from really enjoying my Yoga practice.

Moni’s online courses are powerful and so are her “long distance consultations”. She is well studied and incredibly knowledgeable as well as sharing herself with those she interacts with. I cannot recommend her enough to anybody who wishes to either pursue Feng Shui for their own personal growth or to become a Teaching Consultant. With her at the helm of learning, one could not ask for more superior Teacher.

The challenge I spoke about, even though it seemed crushing, overwhelming and life killing, has begun to look small and manageable. I feel more in control now because of the belief changing principles I have learned through Moni and owe her a deep debt of gratitude.

I encourage anyone who takes the time to read what I have written and, who has even the tiniest pull toward the fabulous learning which Moni has to offer, to listen to their intuition and their heart’s cry for new understanding and jump in with both feet to fulfill their heart’s cry for deeper growth and renewed passion in the area of Feng Shui energetics.

Ariaal Ashlie Retired Kelowna, B.C. July 22, 2016

Wonderful guidance

I was a bit concerned about how effective her evaluation would be long-distance but Monica was wonderful to work with. She was prompt and her recommendations were extremely beneficial. I highly recommend her as a source of deep knowledge and experience in Feng Shui.

Laura Marketing Specialist Quad Cities July 22, 2016

Feng Shui Your Well-Being

WCU-Dean-DebbieDaley-25-102014I have been interested in and intrigued by Feng Shui for about 25 years. I was able to read books and put things together with some amazing outcomes until I married and moved into his home in Dallas, TX. It is a large, beautiful, mid-century home with some special characteristics. I purchased more books and still couldn’t make Feng Shui make sense in this home. I was looking for help to improve our financial situation as well as health and well-being. One day I saw Moni’s site and I knew she was what I needed.

I chose to purchase her long distance home consultation program and I am very glad I did. I had used a consultant before who came to my apartment and charged much more compared to the size of the home. This consultant was there for about 1.5 hours and never heard from again – I had questions and she never returned my calls or emails.

Moni, on the other hand, was very compassionate, open, honest, and had my best interest at heart. She was very patient and I presented her with many challenges. I told her “no” on several occasions with a cure she wanted me to implement. She was patient with me and kept searching for something I would be willing and able to implement. She knew finances were an issue so she minimized the money I had to spend. Most of it truly was repositioning items in and around the house. I spent less than $200 on the cures.

When the nine weeks was up we were still working because I had been very slow in finding and or implementing her cures. She never said a word about the time being up. She kept working with me until we completed the changes for the nine areas.

Some very positive things have occurred in my life since this process began. I was able to take a life-long dream trip to Switzerland which exceeded my expectations. I was working in a position that I loved and it had become detrimental to my life. When I returned from my dream trip to Europe I accepted 4 weeks’ severance and left this job. This has been scary but we are still ok financially, my health is much better, my husband and I have spent more time together than ever, and I am certain a better job will present itself soon. I have longed for retirement and I have found that I need to be working; I am not ready for retirement.

I am a registered nurse and have always been taught and now teach that nursing is an art and a science. There is scientific support for the use of color in certain areas and in specific circumstances. When you study the history of Feng Shui there is definitely a science to its principles of placement. I see a correlation between nursing and Feng Shui; both follow specific principles, both have gray areas, both have many ways to accomplish the same task, and both strive to educate in order to provide a more positive well-being for the families involved.

Was the consultation with Moni worth it? ABSOLUTELY! I continue to work on the cures and still have not finished cleaning out the garage, more importantly; if I have questions or a special issue I know I can contact Moni and she will respond to me. I would recommend her to anyone interested in learning about Feng Shui. In fact, as soon as I go back to work I would like to continue to use her services and knowledge. I feel like I have gained a friend through this endeavor.

Debbie Daley
Dallas, TX

Debbie Daley Registered Nurse Dallas, TX July 31, 2016

New Opportunity – New experience

Screen Shot 2016-10-26 at 3.18.51 PM

I cannot tell you how long it has been since Feng Shui has gotten my attention. I’ve bought books, listen to videos, and many times searched on the web for information about Feng Shui. But it was always so overwhelming with all the information that needs to be learned.

I do not recall exactly how I entered FengShuiForus.com website but love all the information it provides. I can tell you, I got hooked, I needed to learn more, read more so I decided to take one of the many courses Moni offers. I took the course Setting up house – Room by Room. I was really excited because I was going to have a one on one with someone who will teach the Feng Shui correct way to set up my home.

The course was great, I learned many things from Moni and every time I had a question, she answered it clearly and even gave more information than needed. I still have a lot to learn and what’s great is that I can go back to the course to review things I might have forgotten. I enjoyed the course so much, that I took it a step further. I decided I want to become a Feng Shui Consultant. I know with Moni, I will be able to fulfill this dream and can’t wait until I am done. There is so much to learn but having Moni to guide and assist us, I know it will be a great experience. Hoping to write my whole experience when I’m done and tell you my life changes. Until next time.


Esperanza Galarza paralegal Woodbridge, NJ October 26, 2016

Mental Clarity

Lauras-photo.It was a rainy and cold afternoon; I was visiting a friend to work on a school project. As I stepped into Tere’s home, I immediately perceived the peace and harmony surrounding the place, it was so pleasant that after we finish the project I did not want to leave. I asked her to give me the secret to maintaining such balance in her home, all she said was: Feng Shui.
For the next few days, I embark on the search for Feng Shui. I bought some books, I rented a few others from the public library, and even purchased some e-books (price), search some websites and looked up videos on youtube. As a result of such in-depth exploration, I ended up extremely confuse. There is so much contradicting information out there from different schools and teachings so I began a budget and saved to pay for a consultation (Feng Shui Consultations can become expensive; $395.00 per room plus cures). I had my consultation by phone and e-mail. Unfortunately, it did not work; I ended up more confused. Between the gua number of all the members leaving in the house, the elements, the directions to avoid, the colors and the feeling that when I step into the door; I felt like entering into someone else’s home was not what I was expecting from a feng shui consultation.
I gave myself a break. No more research, until one day I went online and type: feng shui for us and Moni’s website was the 1st one listed on the engine. I started going through her site, it was so easy to understand! Her site is so complete and full of valuable information. I purchased some of Moni’s books a few of her live online courses and a home consultation all at very reasonable prices. We did the consultation by phone, facebook, e-mails, she requested a home plan, pictures, and videos. I am so grateful with Moni for sharing her knowledge and talents, and for how seriously she takes her consultations. She guided me through every space of our home; to my surprise, at age 39 I am learning so much about who I really am. I went back to my childhood and learned to forgive. I learned to be gentle with myself in every step of the process. I learned to declutter pieces of me and not just spaces. I gain mental clarity. There is so much to feng shui than just its definition. Moni has been the best teacher and guide that I could ever wish to have. Thank you.

Laura E Villanueva. Richmond CA


Laura E. Villanueva Finance Controller El Sobrante/Richmond CA October 27, 2016

Replenished Energy, Grateful Hearts

Over the summer, my husband and I realized that major life changes were in order. We have a large family and our house is full of energy and movement and lots of love, but it was difficult to focus. Our energy was low. We knew we needed to do something. We had some money to invest in ourselves, so we decided to put that into Moni’s vision for us and our feng shui needs. Moni patiently guided us through her marvelous step-by-step program–pointing out where we were losing energy in our home and our personal lives. Then, she showed us how to reclaim it with practical steps. We planted crystals, fixed sharp corners, remodeled our bedroom, moved rooms around, cleared out old possessions and clutter. The whole family was involved! After dedicating this time to feng shui and Moni’s 9 steps, we feel transformed–inside and out. Our energy is coming back. We are feeling restored and more focused with each step. We are so grateful that we did this. Thank you, Moni!

Pamela Hickein educator Granite Falls, NC October 9, 2017

My Feng Shui Journey

I have tried to learn and use Feng Shui in the past by reading other books and watching videos I have collected over the years. I was researching online to find a new system I felt would be more easily understood and applied.

I am an energy practitioner as well as a massage therapist and use my intuition as well as reading thru many, many different sites to see which one resonated with me and had everything I was looking for with stability, function, price. This one offered consultations as well as the ability to become a consultant too!

I first took 2 courses on the basics of Feng Shui, great experience, easy to follow, easy to understand and quite different from what I had learned in the past, with clear cut reasoning between the old way of Feng Shui to Moni’s concept.

From the moment I spoke to Moni and decided to have her do my consultation of my home. I just knew her willingness to help me understand how this all works long distance, her availability the tech knowledge, FB page, the websites, etc. her knowledge and ability to teach me it was an incredible experience.
The main difference was I used to use the compass way, which I found to be very complicated I would arrange & rearrange rooms over and over again.

Very trustworthy Never feeling like I had it right and driving the people who helped me move my furntiure over and over again crazy! And then giving up and guessing if the placements were right.
The courses have given me a better understanding of the concept of Feng Shui to the point I feel confident in the basic areas to help others with some changes in their home. I can only imagine after this consultation and in the future when I complete the course how helpful it will be. Moni is an excellent teacher!

The consultation has allowed me the ability to feel relaxed and comfortable in my home, from my health, wealth, family/friends etc. the flow is awesome. I have experienced a better peace of mind financially more contentment. in my everyday life, more solid work environment, a willingness to look into being open to a new relationship. And the ability to look ahead in my future with more optimism.

All of the things I thought I had known were similar to a point, but this system made everything really pop out with precision and ease.

I was very scattered with this move to my new home and once everything started being put in place I became more and more calm and comfortable. As Moni kept assuring me one step at a time. Her insight on an emotional and logical perspective kept me grounded too! She definitely was there for me on all levels.

If you are a person who has no experience with Feng Shui or just a little, I highly recommend and know it makes a difference, course a consultation. If you are a person who knows a lot about Feng Shui from the other systems, you will be amazed in the knowledge you will recieve and a change for the better

Rebecca Rosemergey Massage Therapist Pennsylvania November 11, 2017

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