The Feng Shui Dream Home Creation Lab

Turn Your Current Home into a Dream Home in a Fun Group Environment

The Feng Shui Dream Home Creation Lab is a program where participants turn their current homes into dream homes, by working on one room at a time.

In a fun online group environment, they create:

  1. Curb Appeal
  2. Grand Entrances
  3. Magnificent Foyers
  4. Passionate Living Spaces
  5. Happy Dining Rooms
  6. Prosperous Kitchens
  7. Harmonious Hallways
  8. Playful Children Rooms
  9. Romantic Master Bedrooms
  10. Productive Home Offices
  11. Inspiring Altars
  12. Creative Arts and Crafts Rooms
  13. Efficient Garages and Work Sheds
  14. Enjoyable Back Yards
  15. Energizing Home Gyms

Work at an Easy Pace

Creating a dream home takes time, energy and resources. That’s why in the Feng Shui dream home creation lab we only focus on one easy task per week.

What I mean by this, is that you’re not expected to redo your whole living room after one lesson. We do things at an easy pace.

One week we talk about sofas, the next week about coffee tables, the next week about rugs, the next week about lamps. This way, it’s easy, fun and exciting.

How It Works

After you register for the Feng Shui Dream Home Creation Lab you’re invited to join a private, hidden Facebook group.

In this group you get to participate in live lessons every Tuesday evening at 5 PM Eastern Time (3 PM Pacific). If you can’t attend the live lessons, don’t worry, the replay becomes available immediately after in the Facebook group.

Every day, in the Facebook group, you can ask questions pertaining to the current topic Moni is teaching about.

On Sundays, you can ask any questions about Feng Shui, which are not limited to the current topic.

In the Facebook group you also get to share photos of your own home so that Moni can comment on them during the Thursday live meetings. These meetings are done via Zoom at 5 PM Eastern Time (3 PM Pacific). If you can’t make it to a live meeting, you can still submit your photos for the critique and then watch the replay later, which will be posted on the Facebook group.

On Fridays, you get to brag about anything you love in your home and you get encouragement from a lovely group of people who are also working on turning their homes into dream homes.

What You Get

  • Access to the online group (Facebook) that only the people in the group can see.
  • Access to the recordings of past lessons that were delivered before you joined.
  • Focus on one room per month, one aspect of that room every week.
  • A live lesson on Facebook every week about the current room.
  • An opportunity to ask questions every day about the current topic, and anything about Feng Shui on Sundays.
  • A weekly live meeting where Moni can advise each participant based on the submitted photos of their home about the weekly topic.
  • A weekly live meeting where Moni answers any questions about Feng Shui for 40 minutes.
  • A community of like-minded people that make the task of turning your home into a dream home more enjoyable.


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